Thursday, February 2, 2012

I'm a Bear

What wild animal are you?
The Bear
Your rational thought and practical measures in life allows you to play it safe, and make hard decisions that many cannot make. As a natural warrior with body and mind at peace, people who identify with the bear are trusted and often sought after for advice. The bear can symbolize those who protect and sustain peace in their daily lives. These people are often the best mediators and tend to control situations and find the most realistic solutions.

To see more on Betty White's love for wild animals and places or sign up to help save wilderness, check out The Wilderness Society's web site:
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SkippyMom said...

I'm a moose - something about keeping a sense of humor to get through life.

Which is pretty much my motto - so it was right!

mmpaints said...

Huh, I'm an Otter- It says-Your ability to change the rules and march to your own beat allows you to be successful in life. Although many may think your ideas or demeanor is kind of quirky and unorthodox, you may hold the key to effectively getting the job done. The otter remains a symbol of freedom and mobility. Holding yourself as a free spirit that practically lives with no limits is truly inspiring to many, and may lead to a group of followers that aim to embody your beliefs and actions.