Friday, February 17, 2012

Do I feel Spring?

For some odd reason I think that spring is coming quickly. I have had cleaning tendencies... Nope not pregnant... I would have for sure told you if I was.... LOL! I have been in a mad rush to get inside things done. So far I have finished 3 items for Christmas and the 4th one started. I got the curtain for the bathroom done. The three curtains for the dining room are all done except for the tie backs... can't find the grommets. I even almost finished another bag.. but the sewing machine had a malfunction so I had to stop and take it apart to fix it. Never did get back to it last night.

Today I need to finish that bag. Work more on the Christmas present. Get started on the bathrooms new washcloths. Do some more cleaning and maybe even get a workout in.

Oh, I forgot to tell you.... Since Picky has become quite the little baker I thought it was time to find an alternative to fake frosting. I found a recipe for a marshmallow frosting.


Pixels and Paperie were kind enough to share the recipe on their blog. 

So far we used in on cupcakes and then we used it as the center for these....

This picture came from One Good Thing by Jillee... as did the recipe! 

As you can see we have been busy here.... Lets see what else needs to be done!



Carolyn Renee said...

Busy cooking sounds like something I should be doing right now! And I'm definitely going to be trying that marshmallow frosting, thanks for the recipe link!