Thursday, February 9, 2012

Keeping Busy

I have been keeping busy. First have the tooth pulled was not fun. I am still experiencing jaw pain. The site where the tooth was is healing really well. So in a couple days I should be good as new.

The first set of pictures is the legwarmers that I started while waiting in the hospital for Walter. I finished them last night. They go from my knee to my ankle.


Here is a dishcloth that I finished knitting last Saturday but finished the ends today.


I have been wanting to make these bags for awhile. So when the monsters cleaned out their room I had my chance. Just cut off the arms and neck. And sew the opening and voila you have a bag! The one pictured is my new knitting on the go bag! Love it!!


Picky monster made up the Cake batter pudding cookies last night. I realize that my oven is really off by almost 3 minutes so one day when I have nothing else going on I will have to call a repair person. I also have to have Grim look at the washer. The drum is sitting at an angle. Its always something.

I am still waiting on my wool share from Cold Antler Farm. She has been sending it out in batches since before Christmas. Hopefully, it will come in one day soon. I am getting antsy.



SkippyMom said...

Everything looks wonderful Yart. Nicely done. :) Can't wait to see what you make when the new stuff comes in.

Glad the tooth is healing nicely. Boo to jaw pain.

Katidids said...

Nice job on the knitting, Great use of idle time. Those leg warmers sure look warm

Heidi said...

Hello Yart,
You are an amazing talent. Full of great new ideas. Thank you for sharing these fun projects you've been working on. You're an inspiration to get off my couch and sew! Thanks for sharing on Farmgirl Friday.

Brenda said...

Your dish cloth is the same pattern that I use, my favorite.

Anonymous said...

Love the legwarmers! I wear skirts and we get lots of snow, so I wear legwarmers when I do my chores. I am a crocheter-- I need to get better at knitting, I think!

I came from farmgirl friday. :)