Saturday, December 31, 2011

See ya next year!


Good Bye 2011. You were a weird year, to say the least! I’m not happy that your done but I don’t feel bad about it either.

This year we learned a lot, for that I am grateful. We were able to care for our family and a few friends. There is enough food to keep us fed and there is enough money to pay for heat and a roof over our heads. Oh, and I can’t forget I got a cow named after me… so kewl!

The monsters have grown in size and in maturity. They are at that age that I know they will be grown and off to their own lives way before I’m ready to let go. But this year I was able to see the type of adults that I have raised. I’m proud of these monsters.

Enough of this year and on to the next! I have so many plans…. we will just have to wait and see if I have what it takes to make them happen.

By the way do you know resolutions are? They are your to do list for the first week of January…. LOL!

We are staying in and eating junk food with the monsters and having a safe new year’s eve. See you all next year!



SkippyMom said...

Your NYE sounds like ours - we are having homemade garbage bread and a big pot of soup, with cookies and other various sweets. :) Junk food at it's finest. YUM

Enjoy and bring it on 2012!