Monday, December 5, 2011

Wow, Where did the week go?

I have been busy running around finishing up the last of the Band Performances since last Wednesday. Then we had 3 bowling practices and league on Saturday. All the while trying to get some things taken care of for Christmas.

I made calzones with the leftover turkey and Stromboli with sandwich pepperoni. I have also been working on a new pattern for dishclothes. I will share later as I didn’t take any pictures yet. But I do have a ton done as I have been sitting and waiting most of last week.

This week is already no better. We had our first competition tonight. I’m not sure if we won or not… Will find out on Thursday at practice. I was able to get some sewing done. Can’t say what cause I have some nosy readers… LOL! I still have at least 2 more projects to get done. Oh, bread bags have been started. Need to do more though. Once I open the store I want to have a big selection of items to sell.



SkippyMom said...

Like the new look. Very frosty! :) And tell me why I wasn't invited for what sounds like amazing strombolis? Hmmmm? Gosh those sound so delicious.

Have fun sewing and can't wait til you can show us what you made.