Sunday, December 25, 2011

Till we meet again

Its over! At least until next year!! Thank the Gods for that…. LOL! Everyone had a great time and loved all the gifts! There are a ton of leftovers so no cooking for a couple of days…. except for the stock and the bean soup!

But I have a raging head cold, now. I even took it easy this year and I still got sick. I am just up after a 3 hour nap. Hopefully, I feel better tomorrow….. I DON”T WANT TO BE SICK FOR ALL CHRISTMAS VACATION! Ok, that tantrum is done!

I will have pictures up when I feel better. We didn’t get snow, instead we had 40 degree weather. I loved the sunshine!



SkippyMom said...

Fingers crossed that head cold clears up fast. No fun being sick on vacation.

We have leftovers out the wazoo too - and I could not be happier. It was all so good. :) and no snow here either, but that was a great thing [we hardly ever get white Christmases, so what do we know?] Pooldad grilled out for Christmas dinner. It was so good.

I have split pea soup on the menu this week for when it gets colder and I suspect bean soup isn't far behind. :)

Eat your soup and get well soon my friend.

...only 364 more days. heehee