Monday, December 19, 2011

One Week Countdown

Right now I have one gift left to make and that is for Mouthy. All gifts have been bought and wrapped. Even the stocking stuffers are ready to go! I still need to make the cookies and candies. But since I cut the types down to three cookies and three candies, it shouldn’t be to bad.

Tonight I will be making toll house and chocolate candy canes & pretzels.

We are making really good progress on the shirt I am making for Grim. It is simplicity pattern # 2895. Just need to finish the collar, add the cuffs and the sleeves and it will be done.


Eventually I will make the vest to go with it. But I do still have material to make a second one in black. So I think that will happen before the vest. At least it will keep me busy all winter… LOL! Plus, I have this really cute gypsy skirt pattern I have been dying to try so I guess there is no time like the present!



SkippyMom said...

Oh, I miss sewing so much. I have an inch of dust on my 3 machines - and I wish, wish, wish I could still sew.

I love that shirt. Gorgeous. You're funny. "We're almost done with the shirt. Just the collar and the cuffs and the sleeves need to be finished."

I always found the most time consuming part of sewing was the cutting of the pattern and then the material. Once that was done I would finish a project in one sitting b/c I had to see/wear it. heehee

I really like the vest too. Are you going to use a pattern fabric on the front and a solid on the back - or all the same? So many possibilities.

Enjoy your week.