Sunday, January 1, 2012

I’m back

happy new year

I told you I would see you next year…. LOL!

I stayed up till about 1 and the only reason was because the prep per in me wanted to know how many of my neighbors had guns and what type… LOL! Lets just say that there was quite a variety and they were all put to use last night. They kept it up for almost an hour. Then I slept in this morning. No point and rushing into today I have a whole year ahead to deal with…. LOL! But once I was up it was time to take down the tree. Grim was already up and he was working on taking down the lights outside.

Oh, I forgot to tell you. Noisy neighbor somehow ended up on my lawn and ripped my inflatable snow globe out of the ground. Snapped one of the guide cables, messed up the motor and the styrofoam snow was all coming out. So Grim, went over and said something. He was told that it must have been the wind. Grim said look at the tire marks on our lawn. Grim, came back in feeling better for at least having said something. A couple hours later Mrs. Noisy Neighbor came over carrying a new snow globe. They said that they felt horrible that we would think that would have done something like that and not said anything. I told her that they didn’t have to do that but she insisted. So we have a new snow globe to put up next year.

Now everything is put away till next Thanksgiving night. It is bittersweet. Grim and I both had the same thought that this might be the last Christmas here. We are very seriously talking about moving. But that all depends on finances. We are hoping that this is a better year for us, money wise. Now this week I need to move all the furniture so that I can clean under it. Well, at least in the Living and Dining rooms. I am going to be hosting a 31 party on the 15th so the house needs to be cleaned for that. Not that the house is dirty just dusty. Still needs to be done though.

It is a dark, dank type of day. It started out no so bad. Now it is raining and the wind is blowing. No snow to be seen. At least I can say that with the weather holding steady my heat bill should stay decent. I miss the snow, though. Grim and I have a trip planned for later this month. We are going north to see a real winter festival. There will be ice carving, hot chocolate stations, ice fishing and outhouse races. Can’t think of anything more winter like or backwoods then an outhouse race, can you? LOL! This trip is for our anniversary. Even though that doesn’t take place till February. We got a really good deal. Two nights and a full breakfast both mornings for $98. And the hotel has a pool and sauna. The room comes with a microwave and coffeepot. So all we need to pay for extra is dinner and I’m sure I can find some buy one get one free coupons. Maybe I can sneak Grim’s thermos, to put hot chocolate in…. LOL! All about the thrifty!



SkippyMom said...

I am glad Mrs. Noisy had the decency to make it right. Her husband can't be easy to live with, & she can't exactly admit to it [tho' she should.]

Sounds like a fun ringing in of the new year. No guns here, but a lot of illegal fireworks. I managed to stay up with the family & we enjoyed NY's rocking eve with Dick Clark. At one point I think my ears were going to bleed. The music. [I sound like my parents! Eeek!] But the kids enjoyed it. :)

I am so excited for your trip! It sounds like so much fun. :) I want to hear all about it when you return.

Have fun hosting your party [yes, I want to hear about that too. heehee - I am noisy cyber friend. With good intentions.]

Enjoy the rest of your evening. Hugs!