Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Feeling better

Now that the silly season is upon us what to do....?!? Most of my shopping is done. The house is decorated. I still have to can up the turkey broth and leftover turkey. Never got around to it the other day. I went shopping for the pantry again today. It is filling out nicely. Still some holes but we are getting there. Finally, went and worked out again. I feel almost dead... LOL! I really pushed myself to finish the workout. I finished the third hat. Yeah! Now there are 3 more hats sitting waiting for me to do something with them. I know.... I really need to get my butt in gear and post everything on etsy. Did I tell you I even bought a foam head. That way I didn't scare anyone with my head in the pictures...teehehe! If you didn't notice I'm just rambling. I felt compelled to type, but I really don't have anything to say.

Tomorrow Grim and I go back to the dentist. This will be my last visit for the year. Grim is getting a cleaning and work done. It may be his last visit for the year also... LOL! The monsters will be getting appointments for after the first of the year. Then we can all be up to date with the dental.

I decided that it was high time to show off some pictures. So out comes the camera and I start to download all 323 pictures..... Little did I remember that I allowed the oldest ones use of my camera on a road trip we took back in October. They took a whopping 243 pictures. Most were blurry as we were driving. But I would like to share a few other photos.
 A storm was moving in this day... But oh, the colors were just brilliant!
 Here were our pumpkins!
 Yep, those are Indian Corn Cupcakes.
 Baklava....First attempt. Everyone who had some said it tasted just like baklava!
And here are the pies that Teenage monster and I made.

Well, its getting late. And I need to make sure I get to the gym in the morning.

Gotta Run,

Friday, November 26, 2010

It's official

The Christmas / Yule season is now upon us! Let the games begin! I am staying home today, unlike my crazy assed family that are at the stores as I type. They have been there since the lines started. Probably didn't even bother going to sleep in antisipation of the shopping deals they are going to get today. This woman has nothing on my mom and aunt....Then again my cousin is coming in a close second..... Crazy I tell ya... LOL!
Is it just me or is the tv fireplace above the real fireplace to much.... I'm just sayin'
The monsters are going to decorate the inside of the house today. Yeah! It will keep them busy. I just hope they don't argue to much. I am also going to let them do some wrapping for me. The stuff that I bought for Grim. Since he is going over to a friends house for guy time. It is the perfect opprotunity and it gives the monsters practice.

I think I might even get started on making the holiday bread for this year. Last year was zuchinni and this year it will be banana nut. I have a ton of banana's in the freezer so I shouldn't have to buy any. Plus, I think I might even get some turkey into jars and can it. At least one canner load. I have a ton of broth leftover. Yep, busy busy busy!

Gotta Run,

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankful part4

Today I'm thankful for the blue gray morning that allows me time today to reflect. As I sit here with my laptop, the only sound I hear is the little Chistmas clock ticking. I have a great sense of satisfation. Yesterday I got all of the hard work done. Four pumpkin pies were made, 22 cupcakes, 2 loaves of french bread, apple crisp and baklava, all done. Plus the dip is made and the veggies all cut up. Plus, the monsters all helped with different desserts. Now Teenage monster knows the family secret to making the pumpkin pies.... LOL! It was funny she said that making the pies was way easier then she thought it would be. I told her that most things in the kitchen are easier then we think. Just like the baklava, this is my first time making it and Grim comes out and says to me..... Wow, that really looks like baklava.... LOL!

The turkey is in and the family is still sleeping..... I really should be back in bed..... With the stillness of the morning my mind is going a million miles an hour. There is really nothing left todo until later. So I guess I am off to knit some more.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Gotta Run,

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thankful part3

I am so Thankful that the monsters had a 1/2 day of school today. Now that everyone is home and fed, it is time to start on the food prep. The first thing I am going to start on is the bread. While that is rising, I can get started on the Pumpkin pies, cupcakes and apple crisp. Then all the veggies will get cut up, and the potatoes peels and pot readied. The dip can be made, as well as the deviled eggs.... yummmm!

Only one more room needs to be cleaned. The kitchen is always the last room and sometimes due to time constraints it never gets done. But we are going to try and get all the cooking done so then I can do the cleaning.... Oh, well! I'm thankful for a house that I can complain about cleaning, heating, or repairing. It has sheltered us from the weather, financial and emotional storms, all the while keeping us safe and warm. Yes, sometimes it is a burden of sorts, but in the long run it is worth all the costs.

Well, the cooking isn't doing it itself..... (oh, I wish)!

Gotta Run,

Monday, November 22, 2010

Thankful part2

I made it to the dentist today. One more tooth fixed! YEAH! But I didn't get a reminder call to come into work bingo, last night. So I figured that I missed signing up for the day... Plus, I'm still not feeling well. I didn't think anything of it. Then I'm helping my brother and they called my cell. LOL! Very rarely do I answer my phone. I was suppose to be there at 4:30 they are calling at almost 5:30 to see where I'm at. Oh, well! So I ended up being home tonight. I think I'm feeling better. I sure hope I am, cause if not I told Grim I would call the doc in the morning.....blech. But whats a girl todo!

I'm Thankful part2: I am so thankful for the food that I have purchased, canned, dehydrated, frozen, or pickled. It is so comforting to know that in case of any type of emergency comes our way we will be well fed. Even if sometimes it falls short. It has taken me years to build a food storage that works for us. In the beginning I only had processed foods. Then as time went on and we found out about the dangers of HFCS, I started adding more items to make meals from scratch. Then came the canning and dehydrating on to the scene. Once these skills were learned I moved on to making bread. I know that my family is very thankful that all the recipes turned out well. I am waiting for "Dinner Is In The Jar: Quick and Easy Dinner Mixes in Mason Jars or Mylar Bags"  Kathy Clark (Author) to come in the mail. I can't wait for this book as it will help with convenience types of food for storage.

I got down in the basement yesterday and had to clean up the pantry. Since I leave the monsters to take the food down and put it away... Every now and then I need to go in and straighten it up. We put away all the empty jars. Added a shelf and filled it up. Some of the jars got moved around to make more room. Then I got feeling poorly and had to go and lay back down. Later in the day I asked Teenage monster to run down and get a turkey out of the freezer to thaw. Well, she looked, Grim looked and then they came to tell me..... See usually I get several turkeys every year. One for Thanksgiving and one for Christmas and one for the following Thanksgiving. That way I usually have several in the freezer. But this year I must have miss counted, no turkeys and no hams either. Oh, well. So Grim and I had to run out today and get two.... LOL! At least this year I didn't wait till the last minute to thaw one and not have it. By the way, I only paid .49 cents a pound with a ten dollar purchase. So I added things that we needed in the pantry. Ohhhhh, and I picked up two cans of plums. I am going to make sugar plums for Christmas this year..... I can't wait to try them.... It is a new to us thing. 

Since I'm talking about Thanksgiving, here is a partial list:
Mashed Potatoes homegrown
Sweet Potatoes
Celery, Carrots, Cucumbers, Crackers & Dip
Homemade Bread
Deviled Eggs
Pumpkin Pie with Homemade whipped cream
Apple Crisp

Oh, happy news. I learned a new skill tonight. I learned how to cut the rabbits nails. They had gotten quite long and very sharp. Every time on of the monsters tried to pet or pick up the rabbit it scratched them. So I got out a towel and got the bunny to calm down then I trimmed them just like I do the cats. I didn't take a lot off this time. I figure a little each time, that way he can get use to it. And yes, our bunny is a he..... While he was on my lap I was able to examine the underside.... He has all three boy parts. Mouthy monster was a little disappointed. She asked if we can still pretend that the bunny's a girl..... Like it matters to me.... LOL! One more step to being confident about raising animals.

Its late and I need to be in bed,

Gotta Run,

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thankful part1

I am thankful that this cold that has grabbed me hasn't killed me yet!?! This is the first major cold I've had since last years bought with the flu. But I think I brought this on myself. With all the eating good, vitamins and supplements, and exercising my body decided it was time for a formal detox.... YEAH, NOT! It started off as me being very cold and sneezy. Then my head stuffed up and so did my chest. Was in bed all day yesterday and now I'm to the stage that it is breaking up.

It's a good thing the house is almost clean.... LOL! I still have to go over the bathroom and the kitchen. As with past years we put out the invitation to friends and family for Thanksgiving dinner and those that can show up do. So from year to year I never know how many people are coming so I prepare for an army. Good thing I have the monsters. Especially, since Grim has therapy, then I have a dentist appointment for a filling, a couple hours free then bingo on Monday. Tuesday, Grim has more therapy and we need to make the wine and get started on cooking. I haven't even started any cookies or breads yet. But I do have turkeys in the freezer from last years sales. I think that I'm going to cook 2 of them. One to eat and one to can. Yep, you guessed it, I still haven't cleaned out my freezers yet.

I am almost done with the third knitted hat. So see I haven't really been wasting my time.... LOL! Even though it seems like it to me, I know that I'm still accomplishing things. And I got most of a blanket pinned so that I can get the back sewed on. Once this hat is done I will be moving on to sewing once again. I have ton of material that I bought last year that needs to be used up. Same with the yarn but I think the aprons need to be made. And the reusable bags are crying that they need to be sewed up also... So many things so little time.

What I'm thankful for part 1:

I'm thankful for my family. My Grim is a wonderful man who tries very hard to take care of us, even when he is feeling under the weather. He has a great big smile and boasterous laugh. He is rough and tumble on the outside but soft and squishy on the inside.... Shhhh, don't let him know I said that....LOL! I couldn't have asked for a better father for my children or a better husband for me. I'm thankful for my monsters. The oldest for being very helpful and a bit sassy. And a great help around the house and with the little ones. Picky monster is the humor of the family. She helps to make hard times easier with her antics. And last but not least for Mouthy who is the ever lasting drama queen. She makes the most mundane things exciting with her imagination.

That's all I'm up to for today!

Gotta Run,

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Here we go!

Since there isn't a lot of time before Christmas I thought I should share what I found if you want to use any of these ideas this year!

They have a lot of great information!

You can make a Victorian Braided Rug here 
Victorian Christmas Goodies Here

Victorian Goodies Here

Gotta Run,

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Time Flies

Wow, it has been almost a week since I posted last. The weekend Grim & I made it to the gym, and of course we had our weekly bowling adventure with the monsters. Saturday I watched all of Victorian Farm.... OMG! I absolutely loved it all 6 hours of it. While I watched I started a new hat. Sunday night the little ones were messing around and Picky monster hurt her wrist. Of course it was still bothering her on Monday, so off to urgent care. SPRAINED! Yeah!!! So she is out of gym class for the week.

Then Tuesday was the 12th anniversary of my fathers passing. It still is a great pain to my heart. My oldest two monsters barely remember him and the littlest never met him here on earth. But I know that he hand picked her to send to me. I miss him terribly and I wish that he didn't have to die. Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma is the type of cancer that he had. Some years are ok, and other like this one are just hard. I tend to walk my way through his last week of life. I hate that week and the months that followed were just a blur. Time does heal all wounds, I'm still at the its healed over but hurts to touch stage.

But enough about that, since I told you earlier about the Victorian Farm I thought I should give you the opprotunity to watch it as well.

I of course am now smitten with the Victorian life.... so I will be sharing tips and tricks that I find for a Victorian Christmas for this year! So here is the Youtube of Victorian Farm's Christmas!

Here is the link for the 25 activities to do at home! More to follow!

Gotta Run,

Friday, November 12, 2010

Feeble Friday

I know I promised pictures of my spinning adventures.... But it didn't go as well as I would have hoped. So of course I got frustrated with it and put it off to the side.... I know bad crafter.... LOL! I will pick it back up again. Unfortunately, I just don't seem to have the patience to do it right now. The tatting I didn't even open. I figured that it to could wait. I did get the 3 ears of Indian corn shelled. Now I know that there has to be an easier way. But I used my finger nails and my fingers to push and pull the corn off the ear. I got a jar full, that will be saved to plant in the spring. I also got another hat knitted. It is a  new pattern, it fits snuggly.

Grim and I joined a gym. We have already gone twice this week already. Since he can't do anything with his shoulder we are doing only cardio.... Treadmill, bicycle and ellepical. I like this gym better then any other one that I've been to, even the Y. There are enough machines that there is no waiting and there are real people working out. Not juice heads and stella's that make us working class feel bad that we wanted a life instead of spending our youth in the gym and tanning beds! Nothing against them, I'm just sayin'! And this time I'm counting calories the best that I can. I joined a site called sparkpeople.com years ago and have been hit and miss with it. But I'm trying and the site is helping me to keep track of everything. Bonus.... It's free!!!

Still tons to do!
Gotta Run,

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Real Quick

Grim and I took the family to a living history museum today..... I bought a drop spindle and a tatting tool.... So I am off to learn how to use both..... I will post pictures later.... But I figured that if you don't hear from me it might because I'm trapped under the yarn that I'm about to spin..... Ohhhhhhh! I'm so excited!

Gotta Run,

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Small Accomplishments

Big returns..... I went to the dentist again today.... She hoped to find the cavity that has been causing me grief. She not only found it but said that my gums are looking so much better since the scaling.... Most of the swelling is gone! Yeah, me!!! The tooth was filled without having to take the crown off and no root canal! Savings over $800! Little bit of discomfort but love having a dentist that listens. We even talked about instead of doing major work on me that we are just going to patch me up for now. Fill the broken teeth, cavities and do the cleanings. That way Grim and the monsters can get in to get all taken care of. The only reason I got to go first was because I was the one in the most pain. Grim has one cavity that is giving him problems and the monsters have no pain.....(so happy about that, or else they would have gone first).

Tonight was Band monsters last practice for this year. They go on Saturday to State finals. Unfortunately, this year we won't be able to attend. I'm really bummed out about it, but I can't be in two places at once. She is very happy that Marching season is done! For me it is bittersweet, I really do hate the time that she is gone from home but I know that it helps with her growth as a young woman. The effort and dedication that she puts in shows that type of person that she will grow up to be. I'm so proud my Monster!

Today was the day of little things. We got a picture hung, we took a storm window that the frame fell off to be fixed, we learned a couple more things for Grim to do while at home for therapy and I got to teach one of the therapists how to purl. Got Grim on the recumbent bicycle! I got to read half of the Christmas edition of Mary Jane..... Oh, I can't wait to try my hand at some of these ideas!

Yesterday, I cleaned the bathroom ( what a chore that is), I cleaned out the fridge ( I tossed out everything that was in there) (still needs to be washed out), I got on of the windows to close properly ( paint chips were causing it not to close for me to lock it, Got Dr. Bronner's peppermint soap and washed all the doors (don't want any unexpected guests), made a soft scrub type cleaner, went to the dairy (for milk and eggs) and laundry.

It's funny when I started writing this post I didn't think I had anything to say... LOL!

Gotta Run,

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Kathie over at Two Frogs Home was sharing today sites that offer ideas. One of the ones that she posted is Totally Tutorials...... They have 100's of ideas! This is definately the place you want to go if you need inspiration!

Here are few of the things that caught my eye!

Homemade Chewy Granola Bars from Life Blessons
Rag Rug at The Patchwork Heart
Lava Lamp Lip Gloss at Take back your skin
End of Bed Bag a t Paintchips and Pancakes
Thread Catcher at Learn and Go

Gotta Run,

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ice possible Drive with caution

This is what my car told me this morning...... And as you guessed it I turned the heat on this morning. It got down to 28 last night and the house was freezing. I did only turn it to 58 just warm enough to take the chill out of the air. This was the morning that I truly envied those of you that have a fireplace, woodstove or a cookstove. That would have been perfect! But I digress.... LOL!

First let me tell you, I went to the dentist that is right down the street from me.... Like 3 city blocks away. I walked in and explained the problems that I was having. They asked me to wait....... Then they said that the dentist could see me..... I got an x-ray and the dentist said that she couldn't see a cavity. But that I had a really bad case of periodontal disease. They scheduled me for an appointment today to have a scaling done. The hygienist got one whole side done. ( I went to the quack dentist and got my x-rays from him, for the new dentist) She said that she does see a cavity but doesn't think that I need the root canal, right now. And doesn't understand why he wanted to remove the crown and replace it, on this tooth or the one next to it...... She doesn't see anything wrong with it..... I am so happy that I waited.... cause that bleep bleep'n mobleeper......wanted to charge me all that money for unnecessary work. The Novocaine wore off about an hour ago.... Man do I feel it now. But it all for the best right.... And it really is a part of prepping. If your teeth are bad then you can't eat right and most things become a huge chore. So please take this advice.....If it has been a lifetime or you've just been puttin it off..... Go to see the dentist.... I even have an appointment on Thursday to get that cavity that started this whole mess filled.... YEAH! Then 4 more cavity's to fill and I should be done other then cleanings now every 4 months.

Halloween has come and gone almost as if it never happened here.  The monster took every thing down. Since Grim is still primarily out of commission, I had the monsters get out there and go from one holiday to the next. Halloween done.... check! Chistmas/Yule outside decorating done.... check! I know it seems early but they won't have the patience once the weather changes for the worse. I'm happy!!!

The living room is almost cleaned again. Part of the dining room is done...... Two more bags of garbage out of the house. My fiber crafts are now set up for easy access. I even got started on another hat. No, the shawl still isn't done. But I have worked on it. It is just taking forever and a day to finish. I also have out the fleece blanket I need to make for my niece and the blanket I need to back. I also got some darning done tonight. Grim was making a Bass Ale clone tonight. So while I was sitting there keeping him company I got a few things done.

Oh, speaking of beer.... I forgot to tell you all about my newest venture..... While we were at the beer guy last week, I got to looking around and I found a peach Chardonnay. I had actually got the bug to make wine right after I started canning. While at a yard sale I found a kit and bought it. Then realized that the contents were to old to use. I kept the bottles but never did anything with them. Then Grim wanted to learn to do something and beer was just the thing so the wine got put on the back burner. Since canning has slowed down and Grim is done with making beer until the end of January ( need a stout and red ale for St. Pat's). It will be the perfect time to make wine. It won't be ready for months..... ;o( That's ok though, it will be ready for Easter/Ostara. Yummy.... at least I hope!

That's enough rambling for tonight!

Gotta Run,

November Edition What's in Season

  • Apples
  • Artichokes
  • avocado
  • beets
  • bok choy
  • broccoli
  • brussels sprouts
  • cabbage
  • carrots
  • celery
  • chard
  • chestnuts
  • cranberries
  • daikon
  • fennel
  • guava
  • kiwi
  • kumquat
  • lemons
  • orange
  • pears
  • persimmons
  • pomegranate
  • potato
  • quince
  • rutabaga
  • squash, winter
  • sunchoke 
Sunchoke? What is that.... I guess this will require a little bit of research?!?

Gotta Run,