Monday, November 22, 2010

Thankful part2

I made it to the dentist today. One more tooth fixed! YEAH! But I didn't get a reminder call to come into work bingo, last night. So I figured that I missed signing up for the day... Plus, I'm still not feeling well. I didn't think anything of it. Then I'm helping my brother and they called my cell. LOL! Very rarely do I answer my phone. I was suppose to be there at 4:30 they are calling at almost 5:30 to see where I'm at. Oh, well! So I ended up being home tonight. I think I'm feeling better. I sure hope I am, cause if not I told Grim I would call the doc in the morning.....blech. But whats a girl todo!

I'm Thankful part2: I am so thankful for the food that I have purchased, canned, dehydrated, frozen, or pickled. It is so comforting to know that in case of any type of emergency comes our way we will be well fed. Even if sometimes it falls short. It has taken me years to build a food storage that works for us. In the beginning I only had processed foods. Then as time went on and we found out about the dangers of HFCS, I started adding more items to make meals from scratch. Then came the canning and dehydrating on to the scene. Once these skills were learned I moved on to making bread. I know that my family is very thankful that all the recipes turned out well. I am waiting for "Dinner Is In The Jar: Quick and Easy Dinner Mixes in Mason Jars or Mylar Bags"  Kathy Clark (Author) to come in the mail. I can't wait for this book as it will help with convenience types of food for storage.

I got down in the basement yesterday and had to clean up the pantry. Since I leave the monsters to take the food down and put it away... Every now and then I need to go in and straighten it up. We put away all the empty jars. Added a shelf and filled it up. Some of the jars got moved around to make more room. Then I got feeling poorly and had to go and lay back down. Later in the day I asked Teenage monster to run down and get a turkey out of the freezer to thaw. Well, she looked, Grim looked and then they came to tell me..... See usually I get several turkeys every year. One for Thanksgiving and one for Christmas and one for the following Thanksgiving. That way I usually have several in the freezer. But this year I must have miss counted, no turkeys and no hams either. Oh, well. So Grim and I had to run out today and get two.... LOL! At least this year I didn't wait till the last minute to thaw one and not have it. By the way, I only paid .49 cents a pound with a ten dollar purchase. So I added things that we needed in the pantry. Ohhhhh, and I picked up two cans of plums. I am going to make sugar plums for Christmas this year..... I can't wait to try them.... It is a new to us thing. 

Since I'm talking about Thanksgiving, here is a partial list:
Mashed Potatoes homegrown
Sweet Potatoes
Celery, Carrots, Cucumbers, Crackers & Dip
Homemade Bread
Deviled Eggs
Pumpkin Pie with Homemade whipped cream
Apple Crisp

Oh, happy news. I learned a new skill tonight. I learned how to cut the rabbits nails. They had gotten quite long and very sharp. Every time on of the monsters tried to pet or pick up the rabbit it scratched them. So I got out a towel and got the bunny to calm down then I trimmed them just like I do the cats. I didn't take a lot off this time. I figure a little each time, that way he can get use to it. And yes, our bunny is a he..... While he was on my lap I was able to examine the underside.... He has all three boy parts. Mouthy monster was a little disappointed. She asked if we can still pretend that the bunny's a girl..... Like it matters to me.... LOL! One more step to being confident about raising animals.

Its late and I need to be in bed,

Gotta Run,