Friday, November 26, 2010

It's official

The Christmas / Yule season is now upon us! Let the games begin! I am staying home today, unlike my crazy assed family that are at the stores as I type. They have been there since the lines started. Probably didn't even bother going to sleep in antisipation of the shopping deals they are going to get today. This woman has nothing on my mom and aunt....Then again my cousin is coming in a close second..... Crazy I tell ya... LOL!
Is it just me or is the tv fireplace above the real fireplace to much.... I'm just sayin'
The monsters are going to decorate the inside of the house today. Yeah! It will keep them busy. I just hope they don't argue to much. I am also going to let them do some wrapping for me. The stuff that I bought for Grim. Since he is going over to a friends house for guy time. It is the perfect opprotunity and it gives the monsters practice.

I think I might even get started on making the holiday bread for this year. Last year was zuchinni and this year it will be banana nut. I have a ton of banana's in the freezer so I shouldn't have to buy any. Plus, I think I might even get some turkey into jars and can it. At least one canner load. I have a ton of broth leftover. Yep, busy busy busy!

Gotta Run,