Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ice possible Drive with caution

This is what my car told me this morning...... And as you guessed it I turned the heat on this morning. It got down to 28 last night and the house was freezing. I did only turn it to 58 just warm enough to take the chill out of the air. This was the morning that I truly envied those of you that have a fireplace, woodstove or a cookstove. That would have been perfect! But I digress.... LOL!

First let me tell you, I went to the dentist that is right down the street from me.... Like 3 city blocks away. I walked in and explained the problems that I was having. They asked me to wait....... Then they said that the dentist could see me..... I got an x-ray and the dentist said that she couldn't see a cavity. But that I had a really bad case of periodontal disease. They scheduled me for an appointment today to have a scaling done. The hygienist got one whole side done. ( I went to the quack dentist and got my x-rays from him, for the new dentist) She said that she does see a cavity but doesn't think that I need the root canal, right now. And doesn't understand why he wanted to remove the crown and replace it, on this tooth or the one next to it...... She doesn't see anything wrong with it..... I am so happy that I waited.... cause that bleep bleep'n mobleeper......wanted to charge me all that money for unnecessary work. The Novocaine wore off about an hour ago.... Man do I feel it now. But it all for the best right.... And it really is a part of prepping. If your teeth are bad then you can't eat right and most things become a huge chore. So please take this advice.....If it has been a lifetime or you've just been puttin it off..... Go to see the dentist.... I even have an appointment on Thursday to get that cavity that started this whole mess filled.... YEAH! Then 4 more cavity's to fill and I should be done other then cleanings now every 4 months.

Halloween has come and gone almost as if it never happened here.  The monster took every thing down. Since Grim is still primarily out of commission, I had the monsters get out there and go from one holiday to the next. Halloween done.... check! Chistmas/Yule outside decorating done.... check! I know it seems early but they won't have the patience once the weather changes for the worse. I'm happy!!!

The living room is almost cleaned again. Part of the dining room is done...... Two more bags of garbage out of the house. My fiber crafts are now set up for easy access. I even got started on another hat. No, the shawl still isn't done. But I have worked on it. It is just taking forever and a day to finish. I also have out the fleece blanket I need to make for my niece and the blanket I need to back. I also got some darning done tonight. Grim was making a Bass Ale clone tonight. So while I was sitting there keeping him company I got a few things done.

Oh, speaking of beer.... I forgot to tell you all about my newest venture..... While we were at the beer guy last week, I got to looking around and I found a peach Chardonnay. I had actually got the bug to make wine right after I started canning. While at a yard sale I found a kit and bought it. Then realized that the contents were to old to use. I kept the bottles but never did anything with them. Then Grim wanted to learn to do something and beer was just the thing so the wine got put on the back burner. Since canning has slowed down and Grim is done with making beer until the end of January ( need a stout and red ale for St. Pat's). It will be the perfect time to make wine. It won't be ready for months..... ;o( That's ok though, it will be ready for Easter/Ostara. Yummy.... at least I hope!

That's enough rambling for tonight!

Gotta Run,


SkippyMom said...

Nice car. I wish mine would tell me cool stuff like that!

Congrats on going to the good dentist. She sounds really great.

And wow! Christmas up already. I am still trying to decide on Thanksgiving for us, but I am so ready for the kids to be home and help over the Thanksgiving holiday for Christmas. So, yes, I am a wee bit jealous. lol

Have a great one Yart.

Linda in New Mexico said...

I am so glad that you found a good dentist. I had a crap one once who told me I needed a crown on my front tooth, when I came round after the anethesia, I was missing all four front teeth. They had ground them down and were putting prep crowns on them. I was livid and hurt and I felt so violated. Oh hell enought bitching. Glad you got a goodie.

Just posted a new award and I have because of your loveliness included you. Please do not feel like you have to "play", just know I think you are special. The Olde Bagg