Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving all! I am not cooking until tomorrow. With the move it is just to hectic. I have the pies made and the sauerkraut in the crockpot and the eggs are cooked and peeled. I am ready! Just have to toss the bird in, in the morning. Band monster will peel the taters and clean the veggies for the tray. I still have to make bread tonight and biscuits for tomorrow.

And somewhere in all the cooking and cleaning I have to be there to supervise the move of my mom..... I am the mover in the family. I personally have moved like 6 times in 20 years and have moved so many other people that I'm like a professional now. We have been moving what we can since Saturday. But we have the truck now so we should be able to move everything from the basement to the storage unit today. Maybe even some of the stuff from the main floor as well. Now your saying how much stuff does this woman have.... Tons! My mom is a bit of a hoarder. This came about after my dad passed away. Shopping is what she did to fill the void. And now we are working her through it. Not to mention I grew up in a 5 bedroom house and was an only child. My mom had a ton of stuff even before the hoarding began.

But to everyone that is celebrating today! May you have a lovely day with family and friends and memories of those that have passed! Of course the health warning try not to eat too much food.... You will only regret it later.... LOL!

Gotta Run,

Monday, November 23, 2009


Not me... LOL! I am moving my mom... We have family coming over to help as well. But I am on Hiatus for the next week. Just wanted to let everyone know that all is good. Even if I am so sore and the move has just begun!

Gotta Run,

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A new day

Firstly, I would like to thank everyone for your kind words yesterday. They helped with a bad day. But as with everything this too shall pass, as if I could do anything about it anyways.... :O)

Well, let me tell you all a little story. When my dad was in the hospital the last weekend, we didn't know he was dieing. They didn't tell us until they thought he only had hours left. So Grim had wanted to go hunting deer. This was his first opportunity to go hunting in like 100 years. I told him to go as I thought everything would be fine. Grim and a neighbor go out and he gets a deer. The only problem is that he shot the things front leg clean off. Fast forward a couple of days and we are at my dad's wake. My mom's sister goes out and buys my Grim a beanie baby deer and taped its leg up. So that he would always have a souvenir of the day. It made a hard day bearable. And we were able to laugh for the first time in days.

Now fast forward again to last Friday night. I stay in the car as Grim and Band monster go into get the other two monsters from grandma's. Picky monster had to come down as the buzzer thing didn't work. So Band monster goes in one elevator and Grim and Picky go into the other. Meanwhile, I'm sitting in the car waiting. My phone rings, Grim says I'm stuck in the elevator......what?......I'm stuck in the elevator with Picky, get me out of here..... (Grim is claustrophobic). So into the building I go. We go to where the elevator is showing on the second floor I can here them and he pushes the call button. The woman on the other end wants to know where he is and what the problem is. She asks if he is near Chicago.... To this he replys "I'm going to die"......LOL! Mind you this is a senior complex. One of the ladies calls 911. So now we have 2 ems and 1 firetruck there to try and get them out. 2 1/2 hours later it is discovered that it was just a blown fuse. They made it out safe and sound. Thank God, that Picky was in there with him as he would have paniced.

Now on to Saturday, it is deceided that since it is such a beautiful day that Grim & the monsters would set up the Christmas lights.... (to many years out there in the freezing cold). A couple of years ago I got an inflateable snow globe with penguins in it. Grim had to carry it up the stairs as the box gave out. He got tangled up in the stabilzing cords and tripped. He put his elbow through the glass in the back door. So off to urgent care we go. Luckily, they just butterflied it up, no stiches. But I did get a new window out of the deal and it is plexi-glass! The lights went up and all is now good in the house.

Today is just a lazy day. We didn't do anything but play on the puters. I am making Italian Chicken for dinner. Then we are going to hang out and watch some of our missed tv shows.

Gotta Run,

Monday, November 16, 2009


Today is the 11th anniversary of my dad's passing. I still miss him terribly. He was a larger then life kind of guy. Everyone that knew him, respected him. Even if they didn't like him. He was a man of very strong convictions. And wasn't afraid to tell anyone that would listen. My dad was a large man in stature and usually scared the hell out of most. If you looked up in the dictionary what a biker should look like, act or just plain be, my dad's picture would be there.

The past couple of years I have done really well with today. But for some reason this year is hard. I didn't sleep very well last night and I am already in tears. My dad and I were extremely close. He was a great dad!!! And no I'm not make a saint out of a sinner... LOL! My memory hasn't faded that much yet. He always remembered important dates. He always sent flowers and cards. He always did special things like "I love you day presents", for no other reason then because he loved us.

My dad was always very healthy. Then one day at work he moved wrong and a lump appeared under his arm. We all prayed that it was just a fatty tumor. But god must have been out that day. It ended up being Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma. After he was diagnosed, he fought for 5 more years. He got to meet two of the three monsters. He fought through the last weekend of his life. Even though they had him heavily sedated he was still asking for the right medicine to make him better.

He passed away quietly at 8:35 am November 16, 1998. My mom and I were at his side.

We go out for the day to celebrate his life. We go to where he liked to go and remember him and tell the kids stories about him. I want them to know him even though they were so young when he died.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Please help Make a Christmas wish come true

There is a 5 year old little boy that is in the last stages of his disease. His family is celebrating early this year as he is not expected to live for long. He loves Christmas cards, so that is what his mother is asking for. Here is the news story link.

And here is his address:

Send your card or letter to:

Noah Biorkman
1141 Fountain View Circle
South Lyon, MI 48178

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lost Week

Where has the week gone... Lets see, Thursday I had my meeting at the legion. It went well. We were able to get a couple of things decided. And the meeting only lasted 50 minutes... That is with all of the pomp and circumstance. Woo Hoo! Left the post and picked up band monster from her last practice!

Friday, went to try and find a hobby lobby. One is being built in my area, but won't be open in time for Christmas. We couldn't find it. Better luck next time. I did go to Michael's and got 6 skeins of yarn. 2 for scarfs and the other 4 for hats. I finished the hat I was working on. But since my computer doesn't like my camera's new memory card I can't show you. Still working on that.

Saturday, hmmmmm! Oh, yeah.... LOL! We went to State finals. In our division we came in 6th place out of the entire state! And there were 10 teams preforming on Saturday. I think that we did really well. I guess last year we were in 7th at the end of finals. So we did better and the kids were so excited!

Sunday, just hung out at home. I did dehydrate the rest of the carrots and I had picked up some mushrooms on clearance so those went into the dehydrator as well! I finished hat #1. I am hoping to get some good pictures of all this stuff so that I can get it up on the etsy shop.

Monday, shredded the zucchini finally! I got 10 - 2 cup zip bags. That is enough to make 20 more loaves of bread. Now you see why I procrastinated on processing them.... It really didn't take long with the food processor. But the task was just really daunting. I worked bingo! Only a few more for this year. Then I'm taking January off. Yep, the whole month! Then when I go back in February, they are going to really train me on calling. They might as well, as I have 3 1/2 more years to do this. I also started hat #2 and scarf #1. I also signed up today to do the Domestic Witch's Home 'Crafted Holidays. If you would like to sign up you can by going here... but hurry as I don't know when the cut off date is.

Tuesday, went and did my first mystery shopping job. I will get paid $10 and upto $2 reimbursement. It was very easy to do. The forms I had to fill out once I got home took longer then the job did... LOL! I was so pumped from doing that I made 4 loaves of bread and a peach cobbler. Yep, food and money go hand in hand for me... Plus, since I had to buy something in the store I picked up something for the monsters for lunches and they are going to pay me back... How kewl is that!

Today, so far I haven't gotten a lot done. I worked a bit on the hat. I got 2 heads of cabbage shredded. It is sitting in the salt right now. I smashed it down but I am letting the salt do it's job. In a bit I will go back and smash it down again and see if it needs anything else. Hopefully, this batch turns out. It should, today was the first time I have had icy build up on the car this season.

Gotta Run,

Friday, November 6, 2009


Dawn over at Domestic Witch is giving away a really pretty rose quarts rune set with book! If your interested in entering you can check out the giveaway here!

There is a ton of stuff going on right now... Hopefully, we will do really well at finals tomorrow and I will have tons of kewl stuff to share on Sunday!

Gotta Run,

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wednesday Musings

Wow, were has the time gone. It is already the 4th of November. I guess that I am just posted out or is it because I don't fell like I need to post every day. But in my defense I have been super busy. Where to start?!?

Monday, I decided to run to the store and get two chickens. We were going to have baked chicken for dinner. I cleaned them and stuffed them with onions. Then I had Grim go and get me some carrots out of storage. Needless to say, he brings up both of the 25 pound bags. They are rotting and need to be processed right away. I don't know what happened they should have been fine in the cold storage?!? So I go through the bags and salvage what I can. I lost about 5 pounds, 10%. I washed and cut off all the ends. Got dinner going and after dinner went to work bingo. Band monster peeled all of them for me. Once I got home from bingo I diced them all up and into the fridge they went.

Tuesday, the monsters didn't have school due to election day. So we all slept in. I got up and made sure all of my facebook apps were ok. Then I started to pressure can the carrots. It went alot faster then I thought it would. The last thing I pressure canned was meat and that takes forever. But I was able to get 21 quarts done last night. (3 more quarts, maybe? to do). I made hamburgers for dinner and Band monster had practice.

Band monster had practice, because they are going to state finals this weekend. So the instructor wants them in tip top shape! We are going into finals in 7th place due to issues with the judging last weekend. Not happy with the judges. They know better. Since we are freshmeat, this is our first trip to finals. I guess that there is a ton of stuff that we can buy. YEAH! Sorry had to toss out some sarcasm. Like band hasn't cost enough. That is why I work the bingo's to off set the costs.

Today, Picky monster had a half day of school. We have conferences this afternoon. I will be leaving in a few minutes to run to the Legion to help with an Audit for the District. I am hoping that it will only take a short while. I am very disappointed with the group as a whole right now. And unless there are big changes in the near future I won't be a part of the active group. There is very little participation and I can't do it all my self. And with having been busy with band and school and monsters not much has been done at the post.

Once all that is done, I still have to do dinner?!? Get Band monster to practice, finish the carrots and work on the hat more!

Gotta Run,

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The end

I am always saddened by the end of October. Most of the leaves are down now and snow and cold are just around the corner. I know they are always just around the corner. But now that Halloween is over.... Well, anyways! The monsters had a ton of fun last night. It was a brisk night, but the full moon guided our way and scent of balefires filled the night air. I love Halloweens like last night. They remind me of when I was a little monster!

I have put up The Soccer Mom's to Wicca button for "31 days of Yule daily contest" Button. I can't wait. It I have the luck that I had with the October giveaways then I will be very happy indeed. And if not, then I will have kept myself busy, having fun entering into all the contests.

I need to get working on making things for Christmas/Yule! Next week we are done with Band for this year.... So I will be making cookies and freezing them. The monsters today started putting in requests for their favorites. I have a ton of preserves already to go into baskets with the baked goods. I have the zucchini bread made. I need to make cherry nut bread. Oh, and the nuts should be showing up in the stores soon. Last year I paid $1.98 a pound for unshelled walnuts. I will do this again this year and shell them. I saved a ton of money and once they are shelled they go into the freezer so I have them when I need them. Last year we did almost 10 pounds and I used them in everything all year. I like having that type of staple on hand.

I started to knit a hat. I got all twisted around so I had to frog it. I went to talk to my knitting teacher and she was able to set me straight on it. And she also showed me how to lock in the last stitch on the casting on row. Good thing she did cause what I did was completely wrong... LOL! I can't wait to get back on to that project I think that making a hat and knitting in the round will be great fun.

Oh, and I can't forget. We have a birthday today.... Mouthy monster is 6 today! She will keep the name Mouthy, just change the age. She wanted cheeseburger helper for dinner and homemade chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Needless, to say she was very happy with the day that she had!

Gotta Run,