Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A new day

Firstly, I would like to thank everyone for your kind words yesterday. They helped with a bad day. But as with everything this too shall pass, as if I could do anything about it anyways.... :O)

Well, let me tell you all a little story. When my dad was in the hospital the last weekend, we didn't know he was dieing. They didn't tell us until they thought he only had hours left. So Grim had wanted to go hunting deer. This was his first opportunity to go hunting in like 100 years. I told him to go as I thought everything would be fine. Grim and a neighbor go out and he gets a deer. The only problem is that he shot the things front leg clean off. Fast forward a couple of days and we are at my dad's wake. My mom's sister goes out and buys my Grim a beanie baby deer and taped its leg up. So that he would always have a souvenir of the day. It made a hard day bearable. And we were able to laugh for the first time in days.

Now fast forward again to last Friday night. I stay in the car as Grim and Band monster go into get the other two monsters from grandma's. Picky monster had to come down as the buzzer thing didn't work. So Band monster goes in one elevator and Grim and Picky go into the other. Meanwhile, I'm sitting in the car waiting. My phone rings, Grim says I'm stuck in the elevator......what?......I'm stuck in the elevator with Picky, get me out of here..... (Grim is claustrophobic). So into the building I go. We go to where the elevator is showing on the second floor I can here them and he pushes the call button. The woman on the other end wants to know where he is and what the problem is. She asks if he is near Chicago.... To this he replys "I'm going to die"......LOL! Mind you this is a senior complex. One of the ladies calls 911. So now we have 2 ems and 1 firetruck there to try and get them out. 2 1/2 hours later it is discovered that it was just a blown fuse. They made it out safe and sound. Thank God, that Picky was in there with him as he would have paniced.

Now on to Saturday, it is deceided that since it is such a beautiful day that Grim & the monsters would set up the Christmas lights.... (to many years out there in the freezing cold). A couple of years ago I got an inflateable snow globe with penguins in it. Grim had to carry it up the stairs as the box gave out. He got tangled up in the stabilzing cords and tripped. He put his elbow through the glass in the back door. So off to urgent care we go. Luckily, they just butterflied it up, no stiches. But I did get a new window out of the deal and it is plexi-glass! The lights went up and all is now good in the house.

Today is just a lazy day. We didn't do anything but play on the puters. I am making Italian Chicken for dinner. Then we are going to hang out and watch some of our missed tv shows.

Gotta Run,


Dede said...

Sounds like you have had more than a few events. Sure hope that everyone is resting and healing. Enjoy your evening.