Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wednesday Musings

Wow, were has the time gone. It is already the 4th of November. I guess that I am just posted out or is it because I don't fell like I need to post every day. But in my defense I have been super busy. Where to start?!?

Monday, I decided to run to the store and get two chickens. We were going to have baked chicken for dinner. I cleaned them and stuffed them with onions. Then I had Grim go and get me some carrots out of storage. Needless to say, he brings up both of the 25 pound bags. They are rotting and need to be processed right away. I don't know what happened they should have been fine in the cold storage?!? So I go through the bags and salvage what I can. I lost about 5 pounds, 10%. I washed and cut off all the ends. Got dinner going and after dinner went to work bingo. Band monster peeled all of them for me. Once I got home from bingo I diced them all up and into the fridge they went.

Tuesday, the monsters didn't have school due to election day. So we all slept in. I got up and made sure all of my facebook apps were ok. Then I started to pressure can the carrots. It went alot faster then I thought it would. The last thing I pressure canned was meat and that takes forever. But I was able to get 21 quarts done last night. (3 more quarts, maybe? to do). I made hamburgers for dinner and Band monster had practice.

Band monster had practice, because they are going to state finals this weekend. So the instructor wants them in tip top shape! We are going into finals in 7th place due to issues with the judging last weekend. Not happy with the judges. They know better. Since we are freshmeat, this is our first trip to finals. I guess that there is a ton of stuff that we can buy. YEAH! Sorry had to toss out some sarcasm. Like band hasn't cost enough. That is why I work the bingo's to off set the costs.

Today, Picky monster had a half day of school. We have conferences this afternoon. I will be leaving in a few minutes to run to the Legion to help with an Audit for the District. I am hoping that it will only take a short while. I am very disappointed with the group as a whole right now. And unless there are big changes in the near future I won't be a part of the active group. There is very little participation and I can't do it all my self. And with having been busy with band and school and monsters not much has been done at the post.

Once all that is done, I still have to do dinner?!? Get Band monster to practice, finish the carrots and work on the hat more!

Gotta Run,


Dede said...

You have been busy! Sorry to hear about your carrots, the bright side is that you found them in time to save the vast majority of them. Good luck in the finals! How exciting for all of you. As for the Legion post, that is always the way that it is. A few, very few members work and the rest of them carry their card.


Domestic Witch said...

Thanks for posting the home 'crafed holidays button!