Sunday, November 1, 2009

The end

I am always saddened by the end of October. Most of the leaves are down now and snow and cold are just around the corner. I know they are always just around the corner. But now that Halloween is over.... Well, anyways! The monsters had a ton of fun last night. It was a brisk night, but the full moon guided our way and scent of balefires filled the night air. I love Halloweens like last night. They remind me of when I was a little monster!

I have put up The Soccer Mom's to Wicca button for "31 days of Yule daily contest" Button. I can't wait. It I have the luck that I had with the October giveaways then I will be very happy indeed. And if not, then I will have kept myself busy, having fun entering into all the contests.

I need to get working on making things for Christmas/Yule! Next week we are done with Band for this year.... So I will be making cookies and freezing them. The monsters today started putting in requests for their favorites. I have a ton of preserves already to go into baskets with the baked goods. I have the zucchini bread made. I need to make cherry nut bread. Oh, and the nuts should be showing up in the stores soon. Last year I paid $1.98 a pound for unshelled walnuts. I will do this again this year and shell them. I saved a ton of money and once they are shelled they go into the freezer so I have them when I need them. Last year we did almost 10 pounds and I used them in everything all year. I like having that type of staple on hand.

I started to knit a hat. I got all twisted around so I had to frog it. I went to talk to my knitting teacher and she was able to set me straight on it. And she also showed me how to lock in the last stitch on the casting on row. Good thing she did cause what I did was completely wrong... LOL! I can't wait to get back on to that project I think that making a hat and knitting in the round will be great fun.

Oh, and I can't forget. We have a birthday today.... Mouthy monster is 6 today! She will keep the name Mouthy, just change the age. She wanted cheeseburger helper for dinner and homemade chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Needless, to say she was very happy with the day that she had!

Gotta Run,


Witchy Mom's Homeschool said...

I know what you mean about the end of October. Many of our leaves are down as well and we've had frost for a couple weeks now at night.

I love the idea of the walnuts! I never thought to do that! I did think about trying my hand at making acorn flour, however. We'll see how that goes!

Happy bday to your little monster!