Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lost Week

Where has the week gone... Lets see, Thursday I had my meeting at the legion. It went well. We were able to get a couple of things decided. And the meeting only lasted 50 minutes... That is with all of the pomp and circumstance. Woo Hoo! Left the post and picked up band monster from her last practice!

Friday, went to try and find a hobby lobby. One is being built in my area, but won't be open in time for Christmas. We couldn't find it. Better luck next time. I did go to Michael's and got 6 skeins of yarn. 2 for scarfs and the other 4 for hats. I finished the hat I was working on. But since my computer doesn't like my camera's new memory card I can't show you. Still working on that.

Saturday, hmmmmm! Oh, yeah.... LOL! We went to State finals. In our division we came in 6th place out of the entire state! And there were 10 teams preforming on Saturday. I think that we did really well. I guess last year we were in 7th at the end of finals. So we did better and the kids were so excited!

Sunday, just hung out at home. I did dehydrate the rest of the carrots and I had picked up some mushrooms on clearance so those went into the dehydrator as well! I finished hat #1. I am hoping to get some good pictures of all this stuff so that I can get it up on the etsy shop.

Monday, shredded the zucchini finally! I got 10 - 2 cup zip bags. That is enough to make 20 more loaves of bread. Now you see why I procrastinated on processing them.... It really didn't take long with the food processor. But the task was just really daunting. I worked bingo! Only a few more for this year. Then I'm taking January off. Yep, the whole month! Then when I go back in February, they are going to really train me on calling. They might as well, as I have 3 1/2 more years to do this. I also started hat #2 and scarf #1. I also signed up today to do the Domestic Witch's Home 'Crafted Holidays. If you would like to sign up you can by going here... but hurry as I don't know when the cut off date is.

Tuesday, went and did my first mystery shopping job. I will get paid $10 and upto $2 reimbursement. It was very easy to do. The forms I had to fill out once I got home took longer then the job did... LOL! I was so pumped from doing that I made 4 loaves of bread and a peach cobbler. Yep, food and money go hand in hand for me... Plus, since I had to buy something in the store I picked up something for the monsters for lunches and they are going to pay me back... How kewl is that!

Today, so far I haven't gotten a lot done. I worked a bit on the hat. I got 2 heads of cabbage shredded. It is sitting in the salt right now. I smashed it down but I am letting the salt do it's job. In a bit I will go back and smash it down again and see if it needs anything else. Hopefully, this batch turns out. It should, today was the first time I have had icy build up on the car this season.

Gotta Run,


Mother's Moon's Message said...

sounds to me like you have been busier than most... And very productive.... I like how you think about food... ha... peach cobbler sounds so good

Dede said...

You had a very productive week. Congratulations on placing with band, that is wonderful. I made peach cobbler last week and it was sooo good!