Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Weird Weather

When my girls were coming home for Thanksgiving, the weather delayed them a full day. Snow, freeze and high winds, were the cause. On the way home for Christmas break they enjoyed rain. And its raining now. Middle of December and we have rain. Considering that I only turned the furnace on, on November 21st, this is crazy. They are saying that it might be in the 60's Christmas day! It is so strange, my Lilac's are all thiking its Spring and they are budding and leafing out again. I really hope this winter doesn't kill them. I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

The littlest monster completed training for level one of roller derby! Very proud of her! She has only been roller skating since September and now she is on a team!!!! The other 2 are going to be going into Rugby. This ought to be interesting... LOL!

We went to see my MIL the other day before the girls came home. She was moved to a different room away from the room mate that she didn't like. Trust me when I say the feelings were mutual. The roommate would actually steal my MIL's things and hide them. But glory be... she is in a different room and now has access to the window. Her new room mate is catatonic. We had hoped for someone a bit more lively.... But.... At least she can now look our the window. Just remember OLD SUCKS!

I am slowly making my way through week 17 of Sophie. I really need to just force myself to sit down and get it done. Now the girls are home, so much is going on. I want to visit with them. I'm still hoping before the end of the year to have it finished.

The time came for me to get rid of my SUV. There were just so many things that went wrong all at once. Grim and I decided that it was smarter to get me into something new as mine was literally falling apart every time I started it. Luckily, my dad worked for Ford and we were able to get the employee discount. I ended up getting the smallest SUV. The Ford Escape. Its Blue and drives very well. Even though I only have 1 monster home full time. I still go so much that I need the bigger cargo area.

I have no gifts wrapped yet. There actually are 3 gifts still in transit waiting to be delivered. I will probably have the girls wrap each others things and Grims things. We need to get some baking done. I have a whole list of cookies that I need to make as well as breads. The list is quite huge and very daunting. So huge in fact, I almost don't want to do it.... LOL! I know I just need to make one type at a time. You know, break it into small pieces. Ah, the joys of the Holidays! :)

Well, I'm not getting anything done sitting here typing!

Smile Loudly,