Monday, December 28, 2015

A Week of Limbo

This week that falls in between Christmas and the New Year always seems to be in Limbo! The hustle and bustle of the holiday is over. Gifts have been unwrapped and food eaten. The hype has died down. The New Year holds promises yet to be fullfilled! But this week....

This week is an odd one. I want to be idle because of the excitement of the last week, but I seem to have a ton of energy to get things tidied up and put away. Last night I straighten up my bedroom and was looking for other things to do. I don't know if its because the days are slowly getting longer. Or if its because I want so badly to get back to the property to get started with everything there.

My house will be put right between these trees. 16 x 20

My orchard will be placed here. 22 trees in all.

Break between the house and the orchard. We have to thin this area out, due to the giant ant mound pushing the trees over.

Sweet dreams of things to come!

Wild daisy's

Red Dogwood

Its hard not to yearn for this, as right now I'm cuddled up under an afghan and the furnace is on. So many plans, so many dreams, just waiting!

Smile Loudly,