Tuesday, December 22, 2015

It just needs to happen!

We are all set, almost everything is done. The cookies are made, the presents are wrapped and there are still 2 things in transit. But that is what it is and out of my control. The food has all been purchased and just needs to be made. 

Might have to make boxed stuffing for the day as my kitchen aid is making really weird noises. It started while making the first batch of Toll house cookies the bowl jumped off the holder and it was still mixing. I shut it off and righted the bowl. Then when I started it again, it made weird noises. I continued to use it as I had 4 more batches of Toll house to make and a double batch of peanut butter and a single batch of russian tea cookies. Plus, I also got a double batch of sugar cookies in the fridge for later. ( My mom helped the girls and they unfortunately were not share worthy so we had to eat them)

I was able to do 2 Thirty-One Gift shows this month. I had great success with both of them. Very Thankful to have this company in my life. It helps to make things easier!!! If you ever want to know about the product or the company. Please feel free to ask away, I love talking about the company!!!

Here is week 17 completed! This week also contains the new orange as the old orange just came up short! Hopefully, I will get sometime this week to start on 18. So hoping to be done by the new year!

I have all the ingridents to make puppy chow, chex mix and magic bars... Just need to find the energy to get them done. I'm off to finish my supper before it gets to cold!

Smile Loudly,