Thursday, December 3, 2015

Let the Pecking Begin

One of my favorite quotes when things start to go Sideways is "Its like being Pecked to Death by Ducks"! Which really can't happen, because a duck pecking isn't deadly, just annoying! And that brings me to today!

I have a great life, and if something were to change in my life, it would still be great!

Yes, it would be scary or sad or even downright depressive!

But the core of my life would remain.

I would still wake up in the morning. Loving people that are here and that have passed over. I would still have plans and dreams, even if they had to be shelved for awhile. I would still have my faith and that everything happens for a reason. We might just might not know that reason.

Every day upon waking, I'm given a choice to be happy with what I have or to be left in a state of misery for things out of my control!

Today, I choose Happy!

Tomorrow, might be a different story.....

But for what I can control, my own self be true!

Today is the day to Smile Loudly!