Monday, April 23, 2012

Re-Useable Paper (Cloth) Towels

I have seen these on line for sale but I thought since I was never happy with the design that I would make my own. So I bought two yards of each the towel and the cotton. First mistake The towel was 60” wide and the cotton was only 45”. So I did get as many as I thought I would have…. Beginner mistake. That’s ok, cause I still ended up with 18. They are roughly 12x12.
First thing I did was cut the fabric. I think that they will look great when there done
Then I pined the edges so that they wouldn’t move when I sewed them. I tried several different stitches. I finally decided on a medium width zigzag. But the first 6 are all sorts of stitches… LOL! One day I might get a serger to make this type of work easier.
Here are a couple pictures of some of them after I sewed them. Not to bad as long as  you seasoned sewers don’t look to close…. LOL! One day I will learn to sew a straight line… Then again probably not.

I even purchased the snap snaper maker thingy…. LOL! I can say that it did make easy work of the snaps. I chose to use the teal, pink and red. Once all the snaps were in place I snapped the first two together and started rolling. Adding a new towel as soon as it was finished. I’m very pleased with this project and I might even make a set for inside the house. (It has been years since I bought paper towel)
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2012-04-23 13.31.13



Aisha said...

this is awesome I love this idea i just might have to borrow it!! thanks for sharing