Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I've been up to stuff

I have been working on a ton of projects that are probably better served in Winter, but I don't think that the weather here knows what season it is so, I'm going to count myself safe. I have been taking a lot of pictures to do a show and tell. I have re-usable paper towels, a quilt and lots of crocheting happening here. I have to share... Since I am still so new to reading patterns and doing so good at following them I went looking and look what found me. If you want to make these also, just click on the borrowed pictures below. I will make these one day.... SOON!

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Since there is no point in having a new purse without a new jacket (hey, I gotta justify is somehow...LOL!)

Granny Takes a Trip Pattern $8.00

I have more ambition then time or money..... Or even talent.... But I had better figure these things out cause I have more clothes that I want to crochet. First things first, gotta get the pattern for the jacket... Isn't it pretty?

Everything that should be blooming is. I have pictures of that also. What I don't have pictures of is the blossoms from the pear tree. But I will tell you that they were beautiful. My seedlings seem to be doing ok... I did start them late, in my defense they usually die anyways. They should be ready to go into the ground right around Mother's day. Good thing too, cause I still need to get over to my moms and break ground on the new garden. I don't think she realizes how big this thing is going to be..... Well, I probably should work on it when she isn't home... LOL!

We broke down and got Netflix. I really didn't think that it would be worth the $8 a month but I have been proven wrong. Yes, we are spending the money... but we haven't gone to the video store in the past month..... That would have been any where between $9 & $36, depending what came out or due to boredom. Now we turn on Netflix and find new things to us. We just got done watching a series called "The Black Donnellys". I guess it had been on TV, but we never saw it. Loved it... To bad it ended after one season.

I have gotten out to the yard. The grass has already been cut a couple time and we have had frost?!? So I really haven't been out doing to much as of yet. I'm the only one, cause Mother Nature has been busy. All of the mint and lemon balm are growing like crazy. The sage is coming back nicely and the chives already have blooms. I did find a huge patch of violets in the back. They are so pretty. There isn't enough to make jelly though. Maybe next year they will have multiplied even more.

I still face a dilemma of what to do with the garden part of the yard. I still have time but I really am a loss. I would love to plant the whole area again. There isn't a good air flow in that area. I will come up with something.... I still have a couple weeks.

I've rambled long enough.... LOL!



SkippyMom said...

We love Netflix. We can watch it on our computers, all the TVs and our daughter at college can access our family account too. It is awesome. There is always something new to us to watch and you can't beat the price. I found the new tv series from England called [brain fog I can't remember] but it is awesome. It stars Maggie Smith. It is about the class differences in turn of the century England and highlights the lives of the staff and the Manor born. I love this kind of stuff. Especially the wardrobe. I spend have the time designing dresses to sew. heehee

If you find anything else good, let us know and if I remember the name I will let you know. I watch it all the time, but just can't remember. heehee

Coley said...

That bad is so cute!

Sadge said...

Love the jacket!