Thursday, April 26, 2012

Farm Kids Law

I try not to get political here. I am always so afraid of scaring off the few readers I have. But I really need to point something out. This new farm bill to help protect farm kids is just way out of line. It takes a parents right to raise a child the way they deem fit. They take away that a parent knows who is responsible to leave a child with. It takes away a chance for children to learn a work ethic.

Every summer I went to work on my Uncles farm. I milked cows, collected eggs, drove a tractor, hayed and various other things that farm kids do. I had the best time ever and always looked forward to going back the next summer. The skills that I learned and the work ethic I gained are worth more then any money I could have ever earned. I had the honor of helping a family member on a farmstead that had been in my family for 5 generations.

Today that farm is no longer part of the family. So my children will never have the opportunity to learn the skills and gain the memories that I was afforded. But if things were different they would be up there every summer also. I believe in the family farm. I believe that, that love starts young. And if these children aren’t allowed to have an active roll in our society then what will become of the family farm? Will it become part of myth and legend….  just a chapter in a child’s fairy tale, a vision on a sugar coated cereal box.

I don’t know what to say to get our political system to tread lightly instead of stomping through a china shop. But I do know that when good people do nothing evil thrives. So I am a good person making other aware of a bad situation. If you can do nothing else let others know the plight of the family farmer.



SkippyMom said...

This is yet another example of politicians being so far removed from what regular Americans do and are that they pass laws that make no sense and harm us in the long run.

My family were farmers on my father's side and I spent a lot of happy weekends and summers from the time I could walk and follow directions helping out on my grandma's farm. Again, our farm is no longer in the family, so my kids will never get the chance for the experiences we had, but thank goodness we were still able to teach them a work ethic by our example with our mainstream jobs and hard work. Which we learned, probably, from our grandparents. Farm kids don't want to be coddled nor do they need to. I can bet a farm is a heck of a lot safer than a neighborhood street with a kid on a skateboard. Jeesh.

It is just one more way for the politicians to line their pockets with special interest groups who want to put small farms out of business [which will happen without the help of the whole family] And that goes for all administrations. This is new or brought on solely by the current administration - this has been going on for a long time.

SkippyMom said...

**This is NOT new

Yart said...

I know that its nothing new...but it is the current admin that voted it in to be....sad, just sad.

Phelan said...

I posted an update on this last night. They have withdrawn the proposal.

SkippyMom said...

Well at least the current administration has done the right right thing.