Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I was able to get the afghan done!


It ended up about 6 feet long. It is folded in half in the pictures. I love the thing so much. Funny how I started making it before I had the trailer and honestly it doesn’t match a thing in the house. How things work some times.

I even was able to put together a coaster. Not sure if I like it or not.


I think that it’s the second row that’s throwing it off for me. It is a variegated and it really doesn’t change, except for the yellow. I will try again without the variegated and see how that looks.

We got a ton done of the trailer over the weekend. On one of the most high holy days in this house we worked. Even had to have Teenage monster make the corned beef and cabbage. ( She did a fine job, even if I say so myself. ) The entry door needed to be rebuilt.


As you can see from this picture the frame was broken. This is just one of 3 breaks.


Of course we had company during this renovation and I forgot to take pictures of the new insides of the door. But it was pretty and clean…. new wood and white Styrofoam.


This is a scrap sketch page of ideas for the trailer. I had to do something while Grim took care of the door.

We already started on the trunk and the trunk door. Those pictures will come in the next few days.



Kris Watson said...

Your afghan is gorgeous! I need to start crocheting again !!! You inspired me !

Rue said...

The afghan is beautiful - such happy colours! No wonder you love it.

Can't wait to see more of the trailer as you work on it - I love a good reno project - lol!

Happy equinox!

SkippyMom said...

Looking good. I figured after your window treatments in the trailer you would be the Queen of Duct Tape. [I kid, I kid - I know it was only temporary.]

The afghan is so happy. It will fit in anywhere. Who says it has to match the decor - it's handmade. :)