Monday, March 26, 2012

Household Update

Things have been busy here. Like I said we got back from the college visit. Who would have thought that we would be on the beach in March and loving it.


I love the surf coming in… But it was way to cold to swim. It was lovely to look at.


Doesn’t this rock have the cutest face. I left it there for someone else to find.


I have been working on a couple new projects. You know it can’t all be fun in the sun….. LOL!


These are from the yarn I had leftover from the rainbow afghan. This use of the yarn looks way different then the afghan.


This is what they look like with the square around them.


I love how they stand up like flower petals.


Once they are sewn together they will make a pillow for the camper.


Last night I couldn’t stand it anymore. I got started with this years seeds. There are roma, brandywine, red cherry, yellow cherry, rainbow cherry tomatoes. Then I did spinach, swiss chard, pumpkins, radishes and tomitillo’s. As soon as they sprout I will take the lids off. I am hoping that I get a good germination. Half will be going over to my mom’s. I am hoping to get a better crop over there this year.