Monday, March 12, 2012

Look what I got!

Went and looked at it yesterday. Of course I couldn't pass up the deal the guy made me. So it came home.


Today I spent the day at the Secretary of State. Then had to get the insurance on it. If that wasn't enough we went to a couple of the camper places in the area to see what they could help us with. Needless to say the economy is doing so good that they didn't need the money from a small timer like me. Both places shooed me out with the cost of a new entry door between $500 and $700. Oh, well. Their loss and my gain in experience. Grim and I already figured out how to reuse and make a door ourselves with the stuff we already have. 

Any who.... Grim named it the "Streamlined Butterfly"! I can't wait to show her off once she is done. But don't worry I will keep you all updated as things start to change.



SkippyMom said...

That is going to be so, so much fun to restore and make it your own. Look on line for resources and great tips/hints/trouble shooting for people that have done it before. I found a dearth of experience out in internet land for free. Especially check out the message boards - you can get so much help there to DIY.

Congratulations. :D