Monday, January 10, 2011

Series Part 2

Wills, now I know none of us really want to think about dying. Unfortunately, we can't make any deals to make our time on this earth last any longer. Eventually all of us are going to meet our Maker...... Who ever he/she might be!

One thing that we can do is help to elevate some of the problems our loved ones might face after our passing. One thing our wills help with is final arrangements. Do you want to be cremated or buried? Do you want to have a wake, do you want to be laid out, do you want a ceremony at the funeral home or at a church? Does your family know your favorite hymns? Now I know some of you are saying if they are your family then they should know these answers. I think your right, but some family's just don't discuss death.

To make a will you can find an attorney, get a computer program or use an online program to help you. Just a point of reference..... With an attorney, they can keep it safe and do updates when you need to make them.
The next thing you might want to cover is if you have small children who will take care of them, when your gone. Is is a spouse or a parent? Is there any money to help in their care? Do you want them to go to college? Are there any family secrets that they should know about? Here the sky is the limit, as to what you might want them to know. Are there any religious preferences?

Then there are your assets. How will they be divided? Who gets what? And who doesn't get anything? Again with this section the possibilities are endless. If you have an ex will they be included? If your unmarried will your partner be looked after?

Something else you should consider is who will you name as the executor of you will. This is the person that will help to make sure that your final wishes are fulfilled to the best of their ability.

Now that I have brought up this absolutely horrible topic.... I need to sit down with Grim and fill out the paperwork that we got from the life insurance company that will serve as a will for us. Then I think we will find a lawyer to keep the will in their safe keeping. If they won't do it then it will be a safety deposit box.

Gotta Run,