Sunday, January 9, 2011

Not Dead But thought I might be.....

I know I haven't been around for a while. I have really didn't feel like writing..... I was going through some stuff. I guess the holidays were more stressful then I had thought. Then as we waited for Grims' doctors appointment I became terrified. I say terrified because I don't feel he is ready to go back to work. And if the doctor were to release him... then Grim goes back to work and gets hurt.... Work would not cover him, saying that he was in an auto accident and the insurance would not cover him because the doctor released him.... So it would have been a mess. Luckily, the doctor is keeping Grim off for another 6 weeks. But for me the damage was already done.

I ended up in emergency Wednesday night. I had pressure in my chest, I was feeling light headed, shaky, and I was scared I was having a heart attack. I got 2 E.K.G.'s, chest x-rays, baby aspirin and a really nasty tasting stuff to drink. No heart problems.... Yeah!!! But they did diagnose me with Esophagitis – acute. Basically, heart burn, burned my esophagus. So now I'm on pepcid ac and donnatal. I have an appointment to see my regular doctor on Tuesday. The ER doc suggested that I have a stress test just to rule out everything.... even though he saw nothing on the E.K.G or the x-rays.

So with all this mess having happened, I have a had a few thoughts of what needs to be done.... Simply I thought I was dying..... And what would my family do without me. Because of that I am going to start a series of the steps I'm going to take to make sure if something were to happen to me that they would no what to do. The first step is one that I was smart enough to take a few years ago. I got life insurance. It's not a huge amount but it will be enough to bury me and money leftover to take care of final expenses.

There are several types of life insurance.... Since I'm not an insurance salesperson, I will give you the information I find on-line. Wikipedia says there are Term, Whole, Universal, Limited-pay, Endowments & Accidental death. To find out more information you can go HERE and read the entire article. Now we all know we need to have some form of life insurance. But even if you can't afford it there are other important things that need to be done.
Here is a list of what this series is going to cover:

Important documents, like the kids immunization records

Where the bills are and how they get paid

How to grocery shop and keeping track of recipes

Making sure your family knows you love them, even after your gone

Getting a lawyer or a safety deposit box

Internet passwords and how to handle blogs, emails & yahoo groups

Plus whatever else I can think of.

Gotta Run,


SkippyMom said...

Yart I am so sorry you were so scared. I am glad you are going to be okay [i.e. NOT dying] damn that is scary - but I understand where you are coming from.

I know. I become paralyzed by the thought of it - I know my time is limited but I want to get everything in order. I am just at a stop.

Please feel better soon - what you have sounds like it is very painful. I hope you are comfortable.

Hugs and much love from the pond.

Yart said...

Thank you so much for your concern. You have no idea how much it means to me. This scared me enough that I need to do all this stuff so that my kids won't suffer any more then nessecary when I do die 100 years from!

I am feeling better and have an appointment with my primary tomorrow. Hopefully, will run blood work to make sure what is going on.

Thanks again Skippy