Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Living History

I am all about the living history of a place. And because of that I tend to take pictures of things that most people would just pass by. It drives my family crazy. Here are some pictures that I took on our vacation to show you what I mean.

These pictures were taken at the Shipwreck Museum in Whitefish Point. They are from the kitchen area of the lighthouse keepers home!
I found this fascinating. It is a cork life jacket. Can you imagine wearing this? I'll tell you there is now way in hell I would.... But then again, I wouldn't be out in the water to begin with.....LOL!

Here are some pictures from Fort Michilimackinac. This fort was torn down and moved to the island when there was a threat. This is rebuild of the original fort. They have been excavating for the past 50 years. That is how they know what, when, where and how things were done.

This first photo is one of the backyards. It was very over grown.
Here is the community herb garden.
Here are some of the craft items that were being worked on in one of the settlers home. Not to much different from what we do now.

Here is a communal, oven. I asked how many loaves of bread would traditionally be made at a time. I was told that it would be somewhere around 15 a day. They start the fire in the wee hours of the day and by the end of the day the bread would be done..... Now that is a chore, all day bread making!
Here is a photo of on of the homes. I love the herbs hanging to dry above the fireplace!Grim is getting ready to make me a new type of beer. And it is only fair that I go and keep him company so!

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Nikey said...

Really glad to get into this posting.
It’s what I am looking for.
Love to read your blog, interesting post.
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Katidids said...

I love that type of vacation! When we live in Virginia we hit as many of the historical towns as we could. Seeing the simplicity of the homes and way of life shows how lazy (in some respects) we have become. That they survived and thrived with so little is awe insipiring