Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June 2nd

I was just sitting here thinking, because it is to wet to be outside doing anything. And I got to thinking the monsters will be home everyday in less then two weeks. I really don't want them just laying around all day fighting over the tv or playing video games. So a plan has been formulated.

Summer Activities that are cheap or free to keep the monsters occupied and out of my hair.... LOL!

Barnes and Nobles Summer Reading program for grades 1-6
Borders Summer Reading Program for 12 and under
Apples for the is a great site with lots of interactive activities
Kaboose has a ton of craft ideas
Creative Kids at has a themed list of activities for you and your child
Reading Rockets has a comprehensive on on line and off line activities to do
Plus don't forget to checkout your local library to see if they are offering a summer reading program. I know mine is and it starts June 19th....(that was more of a reminder for me)

Don't get me wrong my monsters are great...but once boredom sets in all kinds of heck is bound to break loose!

I think that some of these sites will have my attention also. They have a lot of great ideas and information.

Plus, with all of the learny type stuff it will help keep my special learners from loosing to much retained knowledge. I think that Picky monster is going to work on math and spelling words. Mouthy monster is going to be working on counting with change, sight words and reading. Teenage monster is going to be working on household things, ie; baking bread, crocheting and sewing buttons.

Gotta Run,