Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June 1st

Where have the last 6 months gone? They have just flown by. With the monsters schedules and Grim being in the accident. I am so looking forward to summer break!

We had an unveiling of a Purple Heart War Memorial in town yesterday. It was a very nice way to honor those who have served. We had one before but time had taken its toll. So they recreated it. And during the unveiling the weather was wonderful, cloudy but warm. It was great to see all the people that showed up to pay thier respects. I am so happy that we went.

I need to get outside and harvest the chocolate mint and the spearmint. I will dehydrate the leaves and then store them in labeled jars. Then this winter I will have spearmint tea and chocolate mint to add to hot chocolate! Yummmy! I know summer isn't even here yet and I am thinking about winter. That is the things our forefathers did. They were always thinking ahead. In the winter they were planning on how to get the spring crops and then in the fall they were planning for the wood they would need for winter. Like I said before I am happy that I don't need to survive this way. I know I am so unprepared, but I am getting better.

We got rain yesterday but there is something wrong with the downspout. Grim thinks that it is plugged. So I will have to get up on the ladder and us the hose to spray out the downspout. I hate heights, but since Grim can't do it I need to. Once we get it figured out, I will be getting extra holding barrels. I have found a local place that has them for $15 and they only had soap in them. But no point in spending the money if it isn't working.

With the sun shining it is time to wash all the winter heavy blankets. You know the ones, they end up at the end of the bed when the weather changes. And you keep them there until all the cold weather is gone.... LOL! The one blanket I made a couple years ago. It has a crocheted top with a fleece bottom. Not only is it very warm but it takes forever to dry when I wash it. So it will have to be on the line for a couple days. I need to go into the closet and get rid of some of the blankets in there. We have way to many.

I have been getting ready for the next yard sale. I still need to get rid of more stuff. Oh, that reminds me, my brother called and said that my niece has out grown the swing so I need to get that back to add to the sale. I need to clean up the high chair... it has been in the dungeon... LOL! Plus I need to get in the other closet and pull out all the old board games and the bread maker and and and... the list goes on and on.

Well, I'm not getting anything done sitting here!

Gotta Run,


Katidids said...

Sounds like a busy day! My daughter is growing the chocolate mint and tomatos, cant wait as they are sooo good