Sunday, February 28, 2010

Slow Days

Winter seems to go by so slowly! Even with hobbies and animals and monsters to take care of the days take forever to end. I know that sounds really depressing.... LOL! I don't mean it to be. We are so close to Spring that I can almost smell it in the air.... Well, not really but I can hope. One day last weekend the snow was gone and the yard was muddy. The monsters were feeling very cooped up so through on old clothes and play in the yard, "I said". What a mistake that was!!!! Here is the back landing where they came in at.


Needless, to say it took quite awhile to clean that mess up!

Today, Teenage monster turned 15. She got her Varsity jacket with her band letter from us. Then she got books and jewelery from her Grand's. Yesterday we took her to Red Robin for lunch as this is where she wanted to go and her dad was off work for the day. Then today we had an ice cream cake. We all decided that next year she will just get the ice cream as none of us liked the cake..... Blech!!!

I just made popcorn on the stove for the monsters. They are going to be watching the Legend of the Seeker. The popcorn was more for me then them. I have been gluten free since Friday. Before I get to the hows, let me tell you the why's. I read an article about gluten intolerance.... I don't remember where. But one of the symptoms is a red face. That kind of struck me, my face gets very red. Thursday I ate a decent breakfast, then for lunch I ate one piece of pizza about 20 minutes later my face was really red. So that is why I have decided to try and be gluten free. I have done really well, this weekend. Plus, it is forcing me to eat more vegetables as I can't fill up on bread or pasta.

But back to the riggers of winter. I am so ready for spring if no other reason then to get rid of the junk that has accumulated in this house. I plan on having a yard sale and what doesn't sell will go to good will. Either way I will be happy the stuff will be gone! Yeah!!!

We were able to get another tree that was cut done. I think it will be about a 3/4 of a cord, once we can split it. A tree company was cutting it done about 8 house away in the alley. So I had Grim walk down and ask if we could have it. They looked at him like he was crazy but said we could have it. They loaded it up in the backhoe and delivered it to our garage. Now we have more wood and only a fire pit. But if we do get a woodstove this year then we will have split & dried wood to burn.

I have rambled enough!

Gotta Run,


Katidids said...

Oh, I hear you about being excited for spring to come. I get such doldrums in the winter no mater how hard I try not to. It's ore the time waiting between snow melt & true spring that gets me. We had sunshine for the first time last week & it was up to 58 degrees....I opened every window and door in the house. About froze but it was so worth it!