Friday, February 12, 2010

Mid-Winter Break

Today is the beginning of Mid-Winter Break! The monsters have a 4 day weekend! I love it. I got to sleep in to 8:30 this morning.... Then when Grim got up we had to go and pay some bills and pick up somethings. I finally got to Best Buy to get the cable for my camera..... Of course they don't carry brand specific cables. So I had to get a card reader instead.....blah! Since I was there I found the dance Wii game that the Band monster was asking for..... An early Birthday present!

I will be going out to Joanne fabrics tonight! Since I got Grim's apron done.... I know have to post pictures..... I am way more confident in my sewing abilities. So it is time to incease my fabric stash!!! Yeah! Shhhhhh, don't tell Grim.

Last night I made a pork roast, delicante squash and corn for dinner. I need to go to the fruit market tomorrow. I think that I need to get more brussel sprouts and maybe some spinach. There is still broccoli in the fridge for this week. I made it to the dairy today. This weekend bread needs to be made. Speaking of bread I looked at getting "Artisian Bread in 5 minutes a day", it was $27. I'm not sure that it is worth the money. With all of the great bread recipes on line.....hmmmmm! Still debating that one.

I might go tonight and pick up the paint for my bedroom. My room is going from a dusty purple to a dark green with rust and cream bedding and accents. It is going to be so nice. I love to decorate and change colors. But I promised Grim that I would wait a few years in between wall color changes. This is the only room that has yet to be changed since we moved in 9 years ago. So it is definately time. Oh, I have an idea.... I want to make one of the bed buddy things that sticks inbetween the mattress and box spring and hangs out to put the remote or a book in. We don't have night stands. More fabric! LOL!

Once I figure out how to use the card reader I will be posting a lot of pictures. So look out!

Gotta Run,


Katidids said...

Google the bread recipe first, there are mannnnny recipes posted in blogs!..Save the money to pay for the paint. looking forward to your photos