Saturday, February 13, 2010



This little do hickey is why I can now share really good photos with you. It is called a card reader. It was a bit on the pricey side but well worth it.

Now like I said yesterday, I was heading to the fabric store. JoAnne's had a wonderful sale that I wasn't even aware of when I walked into the store. They have certain Simplicity patterns on for 5 for $5 limit of 10. Well, you know I scoured the book to find 10. And here they are!

Some stuff for the monsters, some undergarments, some bags and of course more aprons! Oh, and a dress pattern for me for the summer. I just love summer dresses!

Then I went to the fabric section. I looked through the whole section and found just 3 that I liked for aprons. Then I found the Debbie Mum section. All of her pattern material is 50% off. I was like a kid in a candy store! I got so many the cutter at the counter was not very happy to deal with me!

And of course I bought another one of those beginner bags to make.

Well, I need to start ironing and cutting out patterns.

Gotta Run,


faerwillow said...

~wow! from the looks of things i think you will be a wee bit occupied with your creative side! your fabrics look wonderful...can't wait to see some finished pieces...iron and cut little lady...wishing you and yours a lovely day and brightest blessings~

Bogaman said...

How's the ankle doing? Hope it's better. X.

Katidids said...

Boy will you be busy! It looks like you found some really good atterns. I love those prints, they will be great for aprons and bags and....a lot of things! I used to work at a fabric store and am burried in prints. I NEED to get busy quilting again & get a few aprons made.