Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday Rambling's

I am still here.... But I am still off my feet. I went for the MRI last Wednesday. I won't know the results until next Monday. I also went and had a physical therapy session. They didn't understand how to bill my insurance so I wouldn't have a $20 co-pay so that is the end of them. If I had paid them the co-pay I would be out a butt load of money. We are talking like $3-4 hundred dollars, and I don't have that type of money laying around. Especially since we don't know what is wrong with my ankle yet. It still is no better actually I think it might be worse. This is why I usually suffer in silence.

Anyways, even though I am off my feet I have been busy.
I have been working on my MaryJane Farm's Merit badges. I still have to take pictures but I did manage to make my first apron.... well, not my first one..... My first time making one but it is actually for Grim. That makes sense I think... LOL! Years ago I bought material to make Grim a pair of casual pants, which I never got around to making. With all that material laying around I thought that I would put it to good use. So 1 apron down, and I also finished up that beginner level bag. It taught me a ton about doing what you know is right instead of following the pattern. I know just enough to be dangerous. And that is usually my downfall. But it is done now!!!! I also made the little sewing kit. I think it turned out really cute.

I got a dresser from my mom this weekend. It got put into my room as the old one I had, had to go (today is garbage day). It is smaller then the one I got rid of so I had to go through my clothes. Two garbage bags to donate and I know I will find more as I go through them again. It feels so liberating to get rid of stuff. Now all I need is Spring to show up so we can paint the bedroom and rearrange and it will be good for another couple of years!

Since I haven't been exercising, I have been trying to eat better. I have made sure that I am eating a salad with dinner and eating either broccoli or brussel sprouts. I have cut down on my pasta and bread consumption. I did slip up and have an ice cream sundae. But that's life, right?

They are calling for 4 inches of snow tonight. I am kind of hoping for more. We really haven't had much snow this winter. But then on the other hand I really want the warmer weather to hurry up and get here.... I know I'm fickle... LOL!

Gotta Run,


cinnamongirl said...

Hope you get back on your feet soon. Sounds like you are accomplishing alot of fun stuff.

Mary said...

hey. cool blog.
I'm sorry your ankle is giving you trouble. please email me, my husband is a PT and a miracle worker. get me your email and we'll be in touch! take care! later, Mary