Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Recap 2009

Since I am getting ready to gear up for 2010! I thought that it was time to take a quick look back at everything that was accomplished in 2009. It was a really weird year. And one that I am very happy to say good bye to!

Some of the food stuffs that were processed in 2009. Not everything made it into the list. I would have like for them to but didn't have time... LOL! Next year I will try and do better!

  • 10 pints Strawberry Sauce
  • 14 half pints Lemon Juice
  • 14 pints Hamburger
  • 14 pints Strawberry Syrup
  • 17 pints Dilly Beans
  • 18 Bananas Dehydrated
  • 19 pints Kidney Beans
  • 2 - 2 ft Ristas Cayenne Peppers Drying
  • 2 Dried Apples
  • 2 pints Yellow Peppers Frozen
  • 2 quart Jalapeno Peppers Frozen
  • 21 quarts Tomatoes
  • 22lbs Dried Onions
  • 25 pints BanBerry Jam
  • 2lbs Strawberries Dehydrated
  • 3 bunches Celery Dehydrated
  • 3 head Cabbage Dehydrated
  • 32 pints Potatoes
  • 4 pints Banana Jam
  • 4 pints Turkey Broth
  • 5 Tomatoes Dehydrated
  • 6 pints Strawberries Frozen
  • 6 quarts Beef Broth
  • 6 Tangerines Dehydrated
  • 7 pints Peach Ambrosia Jam
  • 7 quarts Chicken Soup
  • 7 quarts Green Beans
  • 7 quarts Turkey Soup
  • 8 bunches Green Onions Dehydrated
  • Swiss Chard Leaves Dehydrated
  • Swiss Chard Stems Dehydrated
Things that I wanted to accomplish in 2009 and actually got done!

  • ~ (Doing) build a better food storage
  • ~ (Working on) pay off debt
  • ~ (Done) winter sow seeds
  • ~(Working on) get alternative cooking device
  • ~(Done) build shelves
  • ~(Working on) paint kitchen and redesign cabinet doors
  • ~ (Done) get the basement checked out
  • ~ (Done) put a roof on the house
  • ~(Done) put in grape vines
  • ~ (Done) take out the raspberries and transplant
  • ~ (Done) plant an herb garden
  • ~ (Done) plant a vegetable garden
Some of the things that I learned in 2009
  • ~ (Done) Learn to Knit
  • ~ (Done) Learn to pressure can
  • ~ (Done) Learn to make breads from scratch
Researched ideas in 2009. I know that there was more these are the only ones that I reported.
  • ~(Done)Log Splitting
  • ~(Done)Kefir Grains
  • ~(Doing)Bee Keeping
  • ~(Done)Angora Rabbits
Now on to working on 2010! Wow, I am so hoping that this year is way better then last. Even though I have done wonderful things this past year, the next holds new possibilities!

Gotta Run,


Melonie said...

WOW you got so much done! Haven't been by for a while - love the new blog template. :-) Good luck with the walking - and winning the lottery for that Kitchen Aid. (Make sure you share it with me LOL. The pasta attachment sounds awesome!)

Mother's Moon's Message said...

you have been a busy girl this past year... and sounds like you will be even more busy this next.. wish you luck on al your goals....