Tuesday, December 1, 2009

First Day of the Silly Season

This week is another hectic week. Meetings, bingo and more band stuff, oh my! But on the bright side, my mom is almost completely moved. There is only a few more things left in the house. She is now officially living in the new house. The next thing will be to sell the old house. I need to call the realtor for her to get that ball rolling. Then she has two storage units that need to be gone through and cleaned out. Yard sales and donations.... but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Thanksgiving went really well. The Band monster did most of the sides for me. I got the turkey in and the sauerkraut and cabbage going and she did everything else. That was such a huge help and a great experience for her!

Grim and I are going over the plans for the secret present of the year.... I will fill you all in later. Little eyes tend to look over my shoulder. So I don't want to give anything away. But I will share pics when I can.

I recently read in Woman's World that I could walk off 20 pounds by Christmas/Yule. To this you just walk 1 hour every day. This plan doesn't care how fast or how far you go, just the time you put in. I figured that now was the best time to start. As with the silly season this should be a relaxing thing, not a strenuous one!

So I'm off to do chores that were put off by the move...

Gotta Run


Mother's Moon's Message said...

ummm 20 pounds by Yule.. does that mean I cant eat any of the goodies... Just wondering....

Dede said...

Congratulations on getting your mom moved! Moving can be so crazy. Two storage units? I thought I had "stuff". LOL So glad that your Thanksgiving went well and you got lots of help with the dinner.