Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

I hope that everyone was visited by Santa last night! I know the fat bugger came here... LOL! Grim's traps didn't work again this year though.... poor Grim he was so disappointed! One year he might catch Santa! The monsters got a ton of stuff! They are even going to be warm with the scarves that I was able to get done... and Grim's feet will be warm also (got the slippers done)! I am so happy that I was able to get everything knitted up. I guess that I am a knitter after all! LOL!

The monsters had a ton of fun on Yule. We decorated the gingerbread house that I bought (maybe I will try to make one next year....doubt it though ;o). And the oranges studded with cloves was a big hit. They loved making them for all the family and friends! We welcomed in the light of day.... (no sun just light). They thought that was a waste of good sleep time.... awe well they are young yet! But all in all they did have a good day and that is all that matters!

All that is left to do today is eat.... I cooked most of the meal last night! The turkey, bread, squash and pound cake are done. Veggies cut, potatoes peeled, ham rolls, potato & macaroni salads are made. The ham, kielbasa and heating everything back up is today's chore.

I was able to get peanut butter, toll house, M&M, and russian tea cookies made... all the rest will have to wait until another day. This was one of the most peaceful holiday season's that I have ever had. I even decided that I will be making orange inspired jelly this week since all of the citrus is in season. That way this jelly will make it into the gift bags next year!

I think the one thing that I do want for next year is a type of drink. Maybe ginger beer or something festive that everyone can drink... so no booze! Not everyone likes eggnog or mulled cider.

I am looking forward to this next week of relaxation. It's good to be the Queen... LOL! Tomorrow we are going to be watching all 3 of the Pirates of the Carribean.

Gotta Eat,


mrsb said...

Hi! I had to pick an alternate winner for the Stonewylde books, as one person did not leave their contact info on their post.

Congrats! Please use the contact link at the top of my blog to send me your shipping info for the book.

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