Monday, December 7, 2009

A New Week

Lets see where to begin. I was able to do 1 hour of walking on the treadmill every day in December so far. (Not today yet). So that means I have walked 6 hours for a total of 12 miles. The scale isn't showing any progress, it actually showed that I gained weight. But I am thinking that this is muscle weight. I will continue until the end of the month and hopefully, some of the pounds will start to come off.

Band monster is now done with all aspects of marching until July of 2010. I can't tell you just how happy that makes me. Now all I have left to do is fore fill my obligations to the Legion for this year. We hold elections in May. And I really don't want to be President again. But I am going to go out with a bang. I want to hold a psychic fair, rock and roll rummage sale and a craft sale. All of which have already been turned down. But we need to do something so since everyone wants to bitch and tell me what I can't do but won't help with what I can do, (screw em'). *sorry a bit of a rant there* Back to our regularly scheduled blog!

I got the idea last night to write a book. Now it won't be full of my witty quips, it will be a how to manual of sorts. I still haven't talked to Grim about it yet. So I won't go into to much detail here yet. I need to make some things up and then talk to a publisher. I figure if I'm going to do it I want to go all the way!!! And worse come to worse I can e-book it....blah!

Lots to do today before I run off to bingo!

Gotta Run,


Dede said...

Happy that you have finished band for the year. I feel your pain with the Legion. One year as president is all any one person should ever have to do. Wishing you the best with your book.


Sarah said...

Well Hi Yart! Maybe this will cheer you a are a wiiiinneeerr in the MHA Giveaway...come by and see what you have won..and make sure to email me with your address!!

Rue said...

Good for you for doing all that walking! It's not easy to commit to an hour a day!

Write the book!