Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wednesday Musings

DH and I are trying to get in more exercise.... Well, more planned exercise. So far it has been really random. Like most things in our lives due to scheduling exercise gets put on the backburner.

There is also an art fair going on in town. I think that we will be going through it tomorrow. I haven't gone in like 20 years. Usually I am out of town. So it should be fun.

There is also a farmers market today in a town just down the road. We went last week and picked up a couple of things. I am hoping to get a couple more tomatoes. Mine are still green on the vine. But that is because I have been dealing with aphids. My peppers are looking better. They had bacterial spot. I treated late but they seem to be doing good. Even because of my best efforts.

The garden is doing well. The lettuce and spinach are starting to bolt. But that is ok, I am going to try and collect seeds.

Gotta Run