Monday, July 13, 2009

Challenge #6

Last week was another one of those weeks. I have been beating myself up about not posting like I feel I should. But this summer has brought about a few changes here. So I will take life one day at a time. I will post when I can.

1. Garden work: Weeding and watering

1A. Harvest something: Lots of jalapeno peppers, all of the broccoli is done so are the peas and beans, lettuce, swiss chard are still growing.

2. Preserve something. Nothing was preserved this week.

3. Food storage. I was able to put some meat that I won off of a raffle ticket. 5lbs of hamburger and 5lbs of kielbasa dogs.

4. Other preparedness tasks: Working on the knitting. I also took a class of sorts on wild edibles.

5. Try a new recipe: No new recipe but a new item. Hot Rod Bob's BBQ sauce. Very good even picky monster liked it.

6. Financial preparedness: Still working on getting caught up. This really doesn't change week to week.

7. Work on local food systems. I shopped local this week. Went to the farmers market. I can't wait till it gets bigger

8: Learn something. Learned that there are some wild edibles right in the neighborhood. Raspberries, wild grapes and mulberries.

9: Serve someone. I was at the legion helping out with a steak dinner.

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