Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Challenge #8

I know that I was suppose to post this on Monday. But we were downtown at the Children's Hospital getting stitches out. Then yesterday we started with pre-band camp. And I had to work Bingo last night. So a couple days later and here I am.

1. Garden work: Had to get out there and tie up all the tomatoes. Weeded some of the squares. Pulled out the bolted spinach.

1A. Harvest something: Cucumbers, tomatoes, jalapeno's, sweet yellow peppers and beets.

2. Preserve something. Nothing was preserved this week.

3. Food storage. I am getting 2 litter bottles filled up with emergency water.

4. Other preparedness tasks: We fixed the backdoor, put a new piston on, and got a new tip on the one window pane so that it would stop falling out. Used silicone on the broken window so that it's ready for winter.

5. Try a new recipe: No new recipes this week.

6. Financial preparedness: Got one big bill paid off. So now we are snowballing that money on to the next bill.

7. Work on local food systems. Shopped local again this week. I am looking into going to the big city to see what they offer. I know that they are doing a big community movement. But I'm trying to find out what.

8: Learn something. I am learning how to knit dish towels.

9: Serve someone. I'm working on a baby shower for my brother.

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