Friday, July 3, 2009

Challenge #5

Due to a fluke in scheduling...... DH is off again this week. So I will try to get back to the regular scheduled programing by next week. I am going through withdrawls. I was able to get all the pictures off my camera right before the memory card died so I do have some pictures to share.

1. Garden work: I am fighting aphids still. I am using warm water and dawn dish soap. I am also fighting off bacterial spot with copper spray.

1A. Harvest something: I have been bringing in lots of lettuces, spinach and swiss chard and 1 jalapeno pepper and a head of cauliflower.

2. Preserve something. Nothing was preserved this week.

3. Food storage. Nothing again but it is a pay week.

4. Other preparedness tasks: Working on the compost again.

5. Try a new recipe: Lasagna Spinach Roll Ups

6. Financial preparedness: Still working on getting caught up. This really doesn't change week to week.

7. Work on local food systems. I shopped local this week. I got some really delicious tomatoes. They were super expensive but I so wanted homegrown ones.

8: Learn something. I learned some of the laws concerning dogs this week. Long story maybe more on this later.

9: Serve someone. I am working on putting together a benefit dinner for my friend that had the heart attack.

Gotta Run