Monday, April 20, 2009

Sunday Recap

I told you all the stuff I got on Saturday. Well, let me tell you about Sunday. Late Saturday night for a hoot I went and checked craig's list. I see that there is yard sale that has been going on for 2 days and Sunday was the last day. They were offering canning jars. So I went to bed debating whether or not to set the alarm. In the end I didn't bother since they probably sold them all anyways. At 8:30 am I wake. Now this is not normal for me, especially since no one else was home. Everyone had other things going on. So I went back to sleep. When DH came home from work I was awake still thinking about going to that sale. He was to tired to go with me so I decieded to head out myself. When I got there they had a few canning jars mixed in with others. I asked them how much and that I saw the post on craig's list and we got talking. They said they might still have a case or 2 still in the basement that they could check. Also asked me if I was interested in the blue ones. They start carring out cases, the one woman made the comment that they would have more but they still had food in them. I told them all I had was $11 on me but I would take what ever jars they wanted to sell me. Even the ones with the food. By the time it was all said and done I had got just over 14 dozen jars of various sizes. I cleaned most of them out last night. I still have 18 to clean but they have to wait till the rain stops as the jars have black tar food in them. The earliest date on the jars was from 1976 all the way to the 1990's.

So all together this weekend I got just over 18 dozen canning jars. And also a few decorative ones.... Even a blue one or two!

Not a bad haul! I am set now for awhile. I need to get canning more stuff!

Gotta Run,