Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday Rambling's

Let's see where to start. We had a really good turn out at the fish fry on friday. 94 dinners sold! We were hopping. And we are figuring to break 100 on Good Friday! Saturday we went to Shipshawana. I didn't buy anything but I was able to find the E&S Bulk I hear everyone talking about. So once I get some money I will be heading there. Went to Essinhause (sp?) to eat, the food was wonderful as always. Came home and then went to the post to shoot some pool. Very long day turned into a very long night. Slept in on Sunday. Went to the fruit market got some more lemons. Some to juice and some to dehydrate. Also got some limes to dehydrate. Now I heard that you slice them 1/4 inch thick and dehydrate until they are completely dry, then put them into the food processor and make a powder out of each. I can't wait to have lemon powder and lime powder. Now your wondering what to do with them. I had the same thoughts. You can use the lemon powder to make lemon chicken and the lime powder to make fajita's.

Oh, I can't believe that I almost forgot. DH was able to bottle his Irish Red beer on Friday night when I was out. He got 47 bottles that are sitting aging as I type. Now we need to get some more bottles and another kits. Neither one of us realized that once it was bottled that it had to sit for 35 days. LOL! Well, it is a learning experience. So since we have a wait and with summer coming I thought it best to get more and start it in 2 or 3 weeks. That way we can rotate it.

Teenage monster opened one of the jars of orange jelly today. So I won't know if it is any good until she gets home from school. Hopefully, they will like it as we have a lot of it. But I can also use it in cooking. I can make a glaze with it if nothing else.

We have snow on the ground. I was wearing a t-shirt last week running around outside and now I have to get bundled up again. Spring gotta love it. But the snow should be gone almost as fast as it showed up. They are calling for 50 - 60 degrees for the rest of the week.

My lima beans are starting to look like the plant from the little shop of horrors..... Every time I walk by I think feed me semore... LOL! They are getting big really quick. I am hoping to be out in the garden soon. All of my peas died, as did the green peppers and the eggplants. My basement dwelling cats decieded that it was time for yummy greens and ate all of them. Needless to say I am taking better care to keep the cat away from the plants.

I will be doing breads tomorrow as today got all messed up this morning and something else came up. So this week Monday will be Tuesday. But I am going to get the soup bones into the oven so that I can make beef stock. Yummy! Oh and I still have that lemon juice to can up also. This time there should be less pulp. I still don't have a jelly bag but I am coming up with some new ways to strain the pulp out.

Gotta Run,


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