Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Another way to earn some money

YouData believes that you shouldn't have to suffer through advertisements for things you're not interested in.

That's why they're paying you to view advertisements targeted to your interests.

Simply sign-up for YouData and enter some information about yourself in your "Me-File." You Data will then show you ads that you may be interested in based on your responses. You get paid for every website you visit. You can also earn additional funds for each person you refer to You Data.

All you need to collect your money is a PayPal account. And the best part is: Payday is every Friday with You Data.

The money isn't a lot... in the week that I've been a member, I've earned $4.31, but it's super easy and didn't take very much time at all (a few minutes a week). And who couldn't use a little extra spending money these days? I've even found a few new interesting websites since I've joined.

Don't forget, once you sign up for YouData and start earning money, you can refer your friends and family and earn some extra cash.


cd0103 said...

If I click from your site do you get credit or do I need a code from you?

Yart said...

you can just click on the link and I will get credit. Thanks so much