Friday, November 6, 2015

Weird Day

I am under the weather. What ever this funk is that I've been fighting for the last 2 weeks seems to be winning. Uggggh!

Which really sucks, because I have a 31 party tonight. I'm ready to go, its just that I'm so tired and my nose is uggy and my throat is coated in yuck. But at least I don't appear sick. Yeah, me!!!

I got all of week 1 done with the Walking Dead Yarn Colorway MKAL, from Jimmy Bean Wool

It reminds me of a line from Road House.... You play pretty good for a blind guy and I thought you'd be bigger! LOL! Since gauging still is a problem for me. I went to Ravelry to see what others got in size. One was 8 & 15, then the next was 8.5 & 15.5. Mine is 9 &18. We shall see how this turns out. Since I'm behind because of a needle issue, I have been able to see upto week 3. I think I'm really going to like this once its done.

This year really has been about spreading my fibre wings! I have done stitches I didn't even know existed. I completed my first CAL. Gave this one to my MIL for Mothers day! This was done with the help of the Crochet Crowd & Mikey!

Realized that I hate the color pink, while learning this stitch! LOL! Ok, well just really have a huge dislike!

Started another CAL. This one is a monster! Can't wait to get done so I can get started on the other 2 CAL that are waiting in the wings!

Made clothing for myself! First time ever! Ok, other then hats and shawls oh and scarfs!

And trying my hand at pattern making!

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Heather said...

I'm sorry you aren't feeling well. I am the same, whatever I have seems to be lingering, and that is no fun! I love all of your projects, so pretty!

Donna said...

So many very beautiful projects. All those happy colors made me smile!

Ravenna said...

Hope you get feeling well soon. Good luck on the pattern design!