Monday, November 9, 2015

Spent the Weekend in Bed

Yep, that's how sick I've been. Grim and Little Miss, took care of the household chores and the care and feeding of the momma! I'm out of bed today as its Monday and no matter how I feel I need to get back to the tasks at hand. The first one really should be going back to bed as I feel so weak. I will try to keep plugging along as long as I can though. Because that is what I do. That's how I end up getting so sick that I have to spend 2 days in bed. I know, I know.... I'm a stubborn one!

I was able to get a couple rows done on the Oulander inspired shawl. That didn't happen until last yesterday evening right before walking dead came on. Other then that I didn't feel up to doing anything.

It was 30 degrees this morning. I still have 1 window fully open, I'm hoping the sickness that is floating around the house floats out the window. There are a couple of windows that are closed but the storms are still open. This is due to the fact that the weather is still wonky.  We are suppose to get 60 degree weather still this week. Crazy. No wonder why I got sick.

So far this morning I have taken Little Miss to school, had my cuppa coffee, read the blogs and now written the blog. I'm contemplating if I should bundle up under Sophie and get started on week 10 or do I wrap up in another blanket and work on the walking dead shawl? Decisions, Decisions!