Monday, November 16, 2015

So much, Yet....

So much has happened. Yet, it is all small things that make up life isn't it?

I started feeling better, but Grim and I spent the day in bed on Saturday watching The Returned. Weird show. Happy I had a gift certificate from Swagbucks to be able to purchase from Amazon. So we have completed the whole first season. Now we need to get into the second that is currently on tv. Maybe HULU will have it?

I needed to get a lamp for my desk. Since moving into my studio, the overhead light and the pole lamp just don't give the right light. Luckily, I had one in the dungeon.... LOL! (basement), it just needed a good cleaning and a new shade. Grim and I went and picked one up yesterday. Now I just need to decide if I'm going to paint the lamp so that it matches better.

Grim, worked in the garage on the car. I got to help.... It now runs again! We are absolutely thrilled about this. He was able to get the new heater core all hooked up. So once we get the new spring for the unit we will have heat. He needs to get a brass fitting for the transmission cooler lines. For some reason the ones we have just didn't want to work properly and got messed up. Easy fix if we can find the part.

My 81 year old neighbor locked her keys in her car and needed a lift to her grandsons house to get the spare key. She told me, she thought she should get one of those cellular phones. She is such a sweet lady.

I finished off my Outlander inspired shawl. Still need to tie in the ends. But I was able to find my shawl pin and model it last night. Very happy its done. I've already picked up the needles and started the shrug that is an official Outlander pattern. I'm using Lionbrand  Landscapes in Boardwalk 201. So even though this is the official pattern its not the coorordianting colorway. 

It has been 17 years today that my dad has been gone. This is the first year I haven't relived every memory as it happened. Thats not to say that I didn't think about it. Like right now its 8:14, he died at 8:35. I'm typing here instead of reliving each minute leading up to his passing. I will spend the day honouring his memory.

I have already started Christmas shopping. This always makes for a fun time of the year. Nothing handmade from me. One of these years I want to make all of us Christmas jammies. For this year though most of my shopping will be done on the computer and delivered to my door. I can't say what I got Grim, cause he reads the blog.... LOL! But I will say that he will be impressed with what Santa is bringing him, I've asked Santa for a Handmade loom and a Handmade spinning wheel. This year its about what we need vs what we want. I really need to learn how to spin and how to weave. *Smiles*

Smile Loudly,